Game 62 – Detroit @ Calgary – 1 to 2 in Point 4 Seconds

Calgary is probably the number one team that I forget about until they either make a trade or we play them. Turns out they were on a bit of a tear so I didn’t have a good feeling going into this game. Johnny Hockey is a very talented young player who can light up even good defenses.

The last 5 or so minutes of this hockey game was probably the most entertaining hockey I’ve seen from the Wings this season.

The Good

Darren Helm was by far our best player tonight. Really liked his effort all around. Tons of hustle, classic Darren Helm forecheck, working hard to get pucks to the net. He had a laser of a shot to score the first goal of the game that I’ll be honest, I don’t know if he would have that a season ago. I really think he’s hands have improved this season, he’s just got more confidence to him. He had a good season before the separated shoulder and he still looks good now, and tonight looked fantastic overall. HE SKATED HIMSELF TO LITERAL UNABLE TO SKATE EXHAUSTION. I’VE NOT SEEN THAT BEFORE IN MY LIFE. HE STOOD AROUND THE DEFENSIVE ZONE FOR WHAT FELT LIKE AN HOUR LIKE HE WAS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO COME ESCORT HIM TO THE BENCH.


Mrazek has still been good again. I will say that I thought he was maybe a little too aggressive on the first goal, the second goal he had no chance on. He got peppered in the first period with 17 shots, and again with another couple handfuls in the second and third. Honestly he’s doing what he needs to do for this team to win. 2 goals is not egregious, and the 2nd goal wasn’t even his fault. I’m going to count this game as another solid performance by him.

Special mention to the 2nd period where, after allowed 17 in the first the Wings held Calgary to 2 while putting up 14 on their own. Unfortunately they couldn’t convert, but it was a pretty good 20 minutes of defensive hockey from a team that just traded their #2 defenseman (oh man Brendan Smith was arguably our second best defenseman).

The Bad

Fucking what, Kronwall?

I don’t care if you have no knees you should be better than that. That’s just like, our defense in a nutshell. Even when you get certain things clicking, just one perfect execution of a fuck up to give up a goal and lost the lead. Thankfully that did not end up as the game winning goal, or we would have been extra fucking salty. Instead it’s just another example of plays that make us want him to go to LTIR. He also skated almost 20 minutes, which, granted OT, but I don’t think he should have 5 minutes more TOI than Sproul on pure virtue of I just don’t think he can anymore.

The ice at the end of that game was fucking awful. What was going on? Ozzy mentioned it several times, people were losing edges all over the place. I thought Calgary was cold? Michigan is fucking cold right now. Also ignoring the weather outside, the Saddledome isn’t an old shitty arena is it? I mean it’s from the early 80s but still. I’d love to know if this is a common thing for the Flames.


The WTF?

HAHAHA. Not even the latest goal we’ve scored in a period. Z scored one with .1 seconds not 2 games ago against the Islanders. It does beat Mantha’s tying goal with 1.1 seconds against Toronto from the Centennial Classic earlier this season. I’d literal given up on this game, ready to pack it up publish this article with a WTF second about penalty shots but WHO CARES. Amazing tying goal at the very end, giving us one of the greatest 3v3 OT periods I’ve ever watching in hockey. I don’t know how anyone prefers the fucking shootout to that beautiful cluster of hockey that is 3v3.

Next Game

Tomorrow against Edmonton. Halfway through the road trip. Tough games ahead against McDavid, Matthews, and Boston (they don’t have a special snowflake).

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