Game 61 – Detroit @ Vancouver – Vanek Played Edition

Well, it’s come to this. From the mouth of Ken Daniels himself, the streak is over. It’s all but a foregone conclusion. Wings are finally starting to sell at the deadline.

It’s a brave new world.

The Good

Frans Nielsen was hot tonight.

The second of those was a road PowerPlay goal (off a beautiful pass by Z) which is about as rare as a swimming pool in a fucking desert. AA had a good assist too. Zetterberg was great as well with a second assist in OT with a great tip in from his pass to Justin Abelkader for the second powerplay goal of the night.

Mrazek was great when most of the team was not great in front of him for much of the night. They were letting off the gas for two full periods before he let them tie the game. He made glove save after glove save, beautiful ones, and even kept playing after what sounded like he might have tweaked his leg but he helped get the OT win for us.


Also during the game we traded Steve Ott for a 6th round pick which…look I don’t hate the guy he seems like a great person and I know he liked it here but holy shit that’s great getting ANYTHING for someone who brings as little to the table as he does.

The Bad

Look, they just came off the bye week and therefore they looked rusty. This is a rusty team most nights anyways because they can’t seem to just get their asses in gear at the same time, so we knew it was going to happen. We saw it when they let up and let Vancouver come back to win this. Both goals were defensive mistakes. The first one both D men chased the Sedins and the passing made them pay:

And the second one was just a clasic DDK turnover. I think his regression is actually much worse than Sheahan’s at this point. Like, we have him for so much longer. Please let some sort of core form around him and boost him back up because I don’t see him improving any time soon.

The WTF?

Yeah why the hell did Vanek play in this game again? I mean, if you’re not going to trade him I guess just say it but they came out and said that they thought his help in getting 2 points vs risk of injury was worth it? There’s literally no upside there. If you’re selling him you are not pushing for the playoffs meaning you sould not be squeezing points out with risky roster decisions. I mean, props to them for giving us an explanation. It’s just too bad it’s a phenomenally stupid explanation.

Next Game

Friday against the Flames. Expect me to make some sort of Red Hot joke if they beat us.

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