Game 60 – Islanders @ Detroit – Too Many WTFs

I swear to god I had way too many WTF moments pass through my head watching this game. Only one can win obviously, it’s a very prestigious honor.

The Good

Not a lot of good tonight. I thought Larkin stood at as having a fantastic game. Not so much on the scoresheet, but he had a lot of offensive zone pressure tonight and good forecheck. Intangibles, etc. I’ve been concerned about his play this season, he’s looked kind of shaky at times, and he had a big cut of ice time last game. It was nice to see him bounce back tonight and really try to earn his TOI tonight. I wish the game could have gone better for him.

Zetterberg per usual was great, Vanek looked good, Nielsen had some chances. There wasn’t a lot of good, but the forwards at least weren’t completely awful. It was a game of missed chances and small mistakes. Mrazek had a save of the year candidate in an otherwise average game for him.

The Bad

Petr Mrazek was OKAY tonight. He was not terrible. I don’t want to hear how terrible he was tonight, because he wasn’t a terrible goaltender.


He had a terrible a play as you can make to start the game.

That is a solid assist just to the wrong team. And it was frustrating as all hell. It’s not the first time that Mrazek has made an overzealous play on the puck and caused a goal. I suspect it won’t be the last.

But this loss is just as much on the skaters. Kronwall makes mistakes almost every play that I swear we didn’t use to see. Not going to beat a dead horse here but he is taking a spot from someone younger, faster, and with more to develop. I love Kronner like I love all our loyal veterans but he is playing hurt and it’s obvious. Similarly if I have to see another Red Wing pass the puck out into the slot where there are no red jerseys I am going to lose my shit. You can’t just dump it there and pray. THAT’S CALLED A TURNOVER.


If you can’t see there, that bounced off Mrazek, to Ouellet’s face, back down to Mrazek’s pad, and into the net. So clearly luck took the fucking day off as well.

The WTF?

You know, people talk about how much time it takes to score. And you know what? You can score in 3.1 seconds, even when there’s 3.2 seconds left.

HOLY SHIT. That is literally the smallest margin of time you can have left and have a goal still count. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it. At that buzzer, I thought this game still had a good chance of going the Red Wings way. Because that is a great play that shows coordination, talent, and execution to get themselves back in a game they were down due to a similarly WTF play by Mrazek.

I still can’t believe it.

Next Game

Wings are on their bye week, next game is on the 28th against the Canucks, last game before the Trade Deadline.

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