Game 59 – Detroit @ Pittsburgh – You Otter Know

Well Steve Ott scored. That’s pretty much all you need to know about how good the Red Wings played. Huge 4 point weekend. I think I read our playoff chances are at a whole half a percent now.

The Good

Mrazek was unbelievably good again, a lot of really good saves. A hockey team is made up of 3 parts: offense, defense, and goaltending. You need at least two of those being good to win hockey games. Seeing as the Red Wings defense is almost never good, it’s important that we get strong performances from the other two. Mrazek, although maybe a little weak on the first goal, stopped everything he needed to stop.


We also got a solid showing of both top and bottom scoring today, with Tatar and Vanek potting goals alongside Ott and Jensen. Glendening scored the empty netter to seal the 5-2 win. The Wings just looked good again. Zetterberg had a great give and go with Tatar and Mantha again for Tatar’s 14th of the season, but the real standout tonight is Nick Jensen’s goal to put the Wings up 1-0.

It’s always great when you see a forward score off a great fake and tight angle play, but when it’s a defenseman pinching up? Beautiful.

The Bad

Well it’s the Powerplay again. First of all, short handed goal allowed, always a mark of shame. SHAME.

Second, I don’t have a clip from this but there was a span of time in the 2nd where the Wings had 2 back to back powerplays and the 2nd one was so bad I swear to god I thought they were going to score on us. We were hemmed in the zone, couldn’t move the puck out, couldn’t even win a puck battle in order to attempt to get it out. It was awful. All the skill from the first period and change just drained away and I was worried they’d once again shit the bed on national television. Thankfully I was WRONG and they instead pulled their heads out of their asses to complete their dominance over the Pens.

The WTF?

Yeah that’s a tie game 9 times out of 10. What a fantastic save by Mrazek, easily the play of the game for me. That’s the kind of save that keeps you team in the game, and if that goes it suddenly there’s a lot more momentum going the other way for the Penguins. He took some keys from Zetterberg there and put the team on his back.

Riley Sheahan has 3 less goals than Steve Ott this season.

Next Game

Tuesday vs the Islanders, last game before the Wings mandated bye week.

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