Game 58 – Washington @ Detroit – Great Wall of Mrazek

I fully expected to lose here today so imagine my surprise when we came away with 2 points. I mean it was in the shootout but I can’t be the only Wings fan who remembers a time where shootouts were a death sentence.

The Good

Holy shit, Petr Mrazek was really good. It’s just like I said, he needed to get into rhythm and he would be good again. All this faffing about with Coreau was not helping the problem. And here we are, holding the Washington Capitals of all teams to only 2 goals. That’s like shutting out most teams. I actually think I lost track of how many one timers and close in saves Mrazek was making.

Of the two goals he let in, I think the first one is the only one we can expect him to have and even then I’m not going to rag on the goalie when there’s a giveaway right in front of you. Vanek put him in a position to fail there. The second goal was just a weird combination of bounces and sticks and I’m not going to get upset about that either. Honestly again, you need your team to score more than 2 against Washington.

On the other hand, our offense looked GOOD for once. Powerplay goal by Nielsen, a beautiful tic tac toe goal from Mantha, Zetterberg, and Tatar.

Holtby had to make some fantastic saves as well because when we were getting shots we were dangerous. They actually looked like they were executing plays out there.

The Bad

Now, I only got to watch part of the game plus the NHL highlights, so perhaps there was a solid ten minutes of trash playing. However, I didn’t see it. I thought they were solid tonight, good offense, and only allowing two goals against one of the best offensive teams means the defense can’t have been completely garbage. I know once again DDK failed to look good when he had any sort of pressure, and the Vanek turnover on the first goal was absolutely awful (but his offensive upside makes up for that I think). It would have been nice if we could have put it away in OT, but a W is a W at the end of the day.

The WTF?

This clenched the crap out of me. 3v3 OT when two Red Wings don’t have sticks? Mrazek is first star of the game on this save alone here.

Next Game 

Today at 3 against the Pens on…ugh…NBC. What did Detroit ever do to you, NHL scheduling manager?

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