Lord of the Wings – Week of 2/6

Apologies for these slipping, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

Christian: Am I not dead enough that we can actually pick a Lord of the Wings?
Zac: Who is this? Is this Jimmy? I told you, I just need a little more time. I’ve got something promising coming up next week, and then I’ll be able to pay you back, I swear!

Christian: What games were even played last week?

Zac: Some hockey games, if I’m not mistaken.

Christian: Oh good, it was 4 losses

Zac: I kind of thought that might be the case.

Christian: One was OT though, so there’s a bright side

Zac: Sure, bright like a week-old glowstick. ‘Member point streaks?

Christian: No. I actually don’t even remember those. I’m a beaten broken shell of a blogger at this point also I was dead from illness for much of the past couple weeks.

Zac: Those two may be connected. You know, I’m going to be honest, that last week was a bit of a blur. And I don’t remember stats. And those games were terrible. But you know the name that keeps sneaking into my head for not terrible reasons?

Christian: Zetterberg?

Zac: Zetterberg.

Christian: He is dragging this team along by the collar. He really doesn’t want to miss the playoffs

Zac: I’m not sure his willpower is enough. But I love that man.

Christian: in a shitty four games, he had 2 goals and 2 assists. It’s hard to believe looking at him he’s 36 years old. That’s OLD for hockey, except Jagr

Zac: Well, Jagr’s special, you can’t really use him for comparison. But yeah, he looks great, half the time it seems like he’s the only one out there who cares.

Christian: 1900 points on his 45th birthday. You know who’s not a star of the week? Gustav “Pikemen” Nyquist. Also I was wrong, Vanek had 2 goals and 2 assists, Z had 2 goals and 1 assist

Zac: lol, Pikemen. That was ridiculous. I think he just forgot what sport he was playing. “Why am I holding this pool cue?”

Christian: Clearly he thought Spurgeon had something in his eye

Zac: Shame he’s getting 6 games just for being thoughtful. This world we live in…Anyway, pure stats wise, as you said, Vanek had a better showing, but my vote would still be for Z. He’s the only constant keeping this raging dumpster fire from being a rolling raging dumpster fire followed by a sweet-ass explosion that you walk away from. That’s a bit hyperbolic, but dammit I’m tired of this shit. WHY MUST BOTH MY HOCKEY TEAMS SUCK? AND MY FANTASY TEAM? AND EASHL? (Although we’ve had a pretty good streak there). The Bombers are my only hope.

Christian: We’re probably going to suck there too. There’s some pretty good guys on the other team. Yeah I think the INTANGIBLES that Z has have pushed him over the edge for the week


Christian: Hahahahaha that’s perfect

Congratulations Henrik Zetterberg for being this week’s Lord of the Wings. He had 2 goals and assist in the past 4 games.



2016-2017 Lord of the Wings Tallies

Anthony Mantha – 2

Andreas Athanasiou – 2

Jimmy Howard – 1

Tomas Tatar – 1

Jared Coreau – 1

Henrik Zetterberg – 1

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