Game 57 – St. Louis @ Detroit – One Shot, One Kill

This one hurts.

The Good

Not that much, to be honest. Wings played average across the board at the best of times. Couple moments in the 3rd I thought they had really good pressure but their inability to really put anything together really hamstrung them.

Mrazek, apart from the first goal, was very strong tonight. The Blues had some great chances and you know they are a strong offense with some really threatening players like Tarasenko and Schwartz, and Mrazek had to come up big on several occasions. This glove save in the second in particular, I’m not even sure how he got a piece of it.

I was honestly a little worried that he hurt himself when it took him so long to regain his stance. 27 saves on 28 shots for a .964 SV%, this is the kind of performance that we talk about “if we could just get solid goaltending then we can win” and when we get it finally no one really shows up. Frustrating as all hell, and hurts that we couldn’t get the W in the game dedicated to Mr. Illitch.

The Bad

The defense played bad. I had to listen to Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick tear pretty much every aspect of this team apart in the 1st intermission and that was NOT FUN. I do not enjoy that. I also don’t enjoy when we give up a goal on the first shot of the game to a player that I didn’t know existed (which is not on me, this was his 9th game in the NHL). Brenden Smith in particular looked bad tonight with a couple whiffs and bad plays, enough that NBC singled him out (and somehow blamed Ouellet for one of Smith’s plays which I didn’t think was fair it was hard enough for X to get into the lineup without being blamed for things Smith fucks up).

What is the end game for Kronwall? I don’t know what we do about him. He is so clearly playing injured. I think, and I’m sure many of you agree with me, that he is hurting the team by playing. He looks bad on the powerplay, which is already awful. I cringe when I watch him skate sometimes and I can’t imagine he feels good. And while I respect that, I really worry for the future. It’s a crucial roster spot and a crucial amount of salary cap that the Wings don’t have, and I don’t see any good solutions for him moving forward to relieve this issue. My money is that we eventually LTIR him but if he hasn’t gone now, I can’t see him going until he gets further injured (which I am not advocated).

The WTF?


Everything about this play fucking sucks. Kronwall falls back and assumes someone else will step to Barbashev. Nielsen moves forward and assumes someone else will step to Barbashev. Mrazek doesn’t square up to the puck well AT ALL because he assumes someone else will step to Barbashev? NO ONE STEPPED TO BARBASHEV. Then after giving him approximately an entire period of holding onto the puck he puts it past Mrazek because of course he did he’s a professional hockey player what did you expect him to do? Miss?

Next Game

Saturday at 2pm against the Caps. We’re going to get absolutely murdered.

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