Game 56 – Detroit @ Minnesota – Jared Spear’d-geon

Oh god that was a terrible title but you come up with a better pun on the word’s “spear”, “Nyquist”, and “Spurgeon”

The Good

Mantha and AA are the real deal and holy shit how many times do I need to type this before they get the ice time they deserve?! Zetterberg determined to drag this team into the playoffs even as the rest of the underachievers sit back and say they’d rather be golfing this spring than playing hockey.

Mantha absolutely punked Dubnyk’s five hole there, and my god what a great pass by Ouellet. I really like Ouellet. I am hoping that he doesn’t turn into our next Dekeyser but instead can actually mature into a solid Top 4 defenseman. That might be too much to hope for but at this point I think he’s the most impressive of our D prospects currently playing in the NHL. He had another great assist on Z’s goal later too.

We played solid tonight, and I think we could have had a point or even 2 if we had just been able to be more disciplined and gotten solid goaltending. But we didn’t, and we lost.

The Bad

Well the PK wasn’t good, letting in 3 goals over the course of the game, but from a vision test the worst Red Wing tonight was none other than lovable human refrigerator Jared Coreau.

At least that last one caused 500 dollars to be donated to support the sport. Everyone say it with me:

Jared Coreau is not yet an NHL goaltender

I think he could be. I think he will be. But right now, he is not there. He is the goalie who got called up to be our back up. And whatever the front office or coaching or whoever saw in the less than 10 games he played where we started tossing out the idea that he was the protect option over Mrazek, I assume the sun has set on that opinion as well it should have. So let’s not be too hard on him, because he’s a rookie thrust into a role he’s not ready for, but let’s also not blow his abilities out of proportion. He should be playing in the AHL right now.

NHL on NBC sucks. Star Sunday is stupid. Monitoring the shifts of Zetterberg isn’t something I give a shit about. How about you show something useful like SOGs? Mike Milbury should never be allowed to talk about shit related to dirty plays because he tried to beat a man with his own shoe and is generally a giant dumbass.


So…Nyquist buddy…what’s up? How ya doing? Calm down a bit?


You cannot do that. YOU CANNOT DO THAT. There is no call ever for deliberately spearing a dude in the face under the visor, I don’t care how hard he cross checks you. This is the shit that separates us from teams like Boston. I don’t want a Brad Marchand on my team regardless of how many goals he scores. Look I don’t think Nyquist is a dirty player and this is the first time he’s done something like this. But you cannot sit back and argue that this does not deserve a suspension. If we want to have a discussion about NHL DoPS not making a habit of suspending people when they should be, fine. But if we are serious about making changes to this sport to protect players than this is something we HAVE to stand up and say “I don’t want this in the game and I expect accountability.”

Nyquist will probably get 2 games at most since he’s not a repeat offender and Spurgeon doesn’t seem to be injured. I personally think he deserves 5.

Next Game

Wednesday against the Blues. Honestly our season is pretty much a foregone conclusion right now. I’ll still be watching, but mostly to see our young players develop at this point. Playoffs are almost all but a pipe dream at this point.

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