Game 55 – Detroit @ Columbus – Off the Post

Vanek off the goalpost at the horn. That’s rough. I don’t think the Wings played bad, but I don’t think they played good either. Honestly this was a pretty boring game to watch but I stuck through because I CARE ABOUT THIS TEAM.

Firstly, our thoughts are with the Illitch family this weekend. Mr. I did so much for Detroit that I don’t know if people outside realize, but this city and this team are not what they are without the phenomenal work and effort he put into it. People talk about the streak all the time, and there is no streak with Mike Illitch. He was a hell of guy.

The Good

Powerplay goals in 3 straight games. That goal was a thing of beauty by Helm, Zetterberg, and Vanek. It looked drawed up, calculated, and then executed perfectly.

Remember kids, keep your stick on the ice.

Mrazek played great tonight too. First goal was a deflection, not much more he could have done on that one, and the second one was another failure of a defensive battle in front that allowed an easy one to get banged home. I’m not blaming that on Mrazek. He was strong on the puck, couple breakaway shots stopped cold. .949 SV%, at the end of the day this game was not lost on Mrazek, it was lost on getting outplayed in our zone and the neutral zone. It was nice to see Mrazek get another good game under his belt.

The Bad

Smith gets out muscled, Ouellet gets out muscled, everyone gets out muscled! Every game! Our net is a black hole that drags in players from both sides and yet our team never seems to stop them from getting their shitty greasy goals through. I don’t put goals like this on the goalie I put goals like this on the players up front. They need to clear the area and not let themselves get ran over in the defensive zone. Even though we let that happen almost every game.

I’m getting really tired of watching us fail to get the pucks out of our zone too. We need to just spend an entire practice on that or something. I don’t know, I’m not a coach, but it’s just awful and they need to work on something.

Finally the refs were shitty again, and it was frustrating watching them get a couple make up calls go their way at the end of the game even though they were still hooking and holding like it was the damn 80s out there. I WANT CONSISTENCY. #SLASHGATE


Missed it by that much.

Next Game

Tomorrow against Minnesota. What a rough road trip.

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