Game 54 – Detroit @ Washington – Can’t Capitalize

I am literally sick with three different things right now so I don’t know how long or coherent this one will be, but nothing makes you feel better than watching a good ole’ hockey game. It would have been better if the Red Wings were the good team but you know beggers choosers and all that sit.

The Good

Most of the Red Wings were not good. They were in fact, bad. But there is a Red Wing who was very good, actually. That would be Andreas Athanasiou. Or as my buddy informed me the Washington radio feed is calling him, Anna The See You. Two goals within 2 minutes in the first period, both majestic looking.

On that first one he went one on one with Alex Ovechkin of all people and led him on a merry loop around the O-zone, I assume looking for a pass, before saying fuck it I’ll do it myself and put its in the net. Then he thought maybe the net would tip over if it’s not properly balanced out and on a powerplay just a few minutes later after a GREAT PASS by Vanek (our Austrian savior) AA puts it home AGAIN. He has now tied Vanek for lead in goals with 13, which is exciting since it’s in 39 games. Less exciting is that 13 goals is our team lead 54 games into the season but NO BAD BLOGGER. GOOD THINGS.

Mantha had a strong breakaway in the second that Holtbeast stopped, making it look easy, and a great assist on tonight’s WTF moment and Vanek picked up another 2 points with some silky passes.

The Bad

Well Mrazek’s .833 wasn’t great. I certainly don’t think all 5 of the goals were his fault, oh no, but one in particular stuck out to me as particularly HRGH inducing.

This rebound is basically a pass and when you’re playing so aggressively out of your crease you have to be better. But I’m sure anyone who watched that clipped above saw a much, much more obviously culprit.


Danny DeKeyser is this season’s Jonathan Ericsson, no question. He was awful tonight. Several goals were caused by him. Look at that play! He makes a hit and someone lets the guy get up and smack home the rebound? What are you doing! You can’t give up on that play like that. I’ve seen more hustle in a beer league game! I’VE SEEN MORE HUSTLE FOR A LITTLE CAESARS HOT N’ READY DEEP DISH COMBO MAMBO. It’s not just the hustle. He misplays the puck when he has any sort of pressure on him. Stick blade chopping and missing the puck. Take a look at this shit.

UNDER PRESSURE SHOULD BE DANNY DEKEYSER’S GOAL SONG. And by goal song, I mean the song that plays when he causes another team to be able to score! Once a game we’ll be like “Is that Vanilla Ice? NO WAIT DDK CAUSED A GOAL WITH A SHIT TURNOVER/CLEARING ATTEMPT AGAIN.” I get that he was gassed. But he missed the puck! Just smack it! Worst that happens is they get it, which fucking happened anyways. Holy shit, I’m so fed up with him. If you had told me a couple seasons ago I’d want DDK traded I’d have thought you were crazy.

Where was the offensive pressure? Well it couldn’t do shit because our breakout was turning over pucks in our end over and over again. We were out shot to shit accordingly, remarkable that this game was within 3 goals because we could barely get in their zone. Holtby looked bored half the time. At least got those, so this wasn’t a complete rage bender.

The WTF?

Holy shit, what?

First of all, what a pass by Mantha to get there, barely sure how that got through. And then, when I was SURE that Z held onto it too long, it shows itself. A small puck sized gap above Holtby’s glove. Can he make it? Shot, it’s going. Holtby gets a piece of it and…IT’S IN?! What the fuck? What a great shot, what a great play, especially when this game still looked like we had a shot. Zetterberg is really being energized by his new linemates and I don’t give a shit how long we have him signed for if he keeps doing shit like this. Zetterberg has 3 goals and 6 points in his past 5 games now. Dude’s hot. Also good at hockey. And growing beards.

Next Game

Saturday evening at Columbus. Maybe we’ll see another no slash call. #SLASHGATE IS REAL

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