Game 53 – Columbus @ Detroit – #SLASHGATE

Pretty good game against on of the best teams in the league, I only saw most of the 1st + 3rd and overtime, but what I saw of it I thought the Wings looked relatively solid. Until the shitshow of an ending where the refs all got cataracts and the rulebook fell out of their asses.

The Good

Hey we scored first! Nick Jensen in the 1st with a slapper from the slot after a fantastic pass from Larkin in the corner. Bobrovsky had no chance on that one. Jensen has been remarkably solid, I am kind of sad to see Marchenko go because statistically he is a very capable defensemen, but I am very happy with Jensen’s play. He’s stacking up to be someone I won’t mind being in the top 6 next season, if it comes to that (and I expect it will because Smith is likely gone next season).

But HOLY SHIT a PowerPlay goal!

That’s a nice goal and I’m pretty happy Abby helped because I’ve definitely been frustrated with him since he came back. I don’t feel he is bringing nearly enough to the table for what we’re paying him, nor for the term (dear god we are going to talk about this contract FOREVER. What an anchor.) Of course, the PP goal was on the 5 on 3, and scoring on the 5 on 3 is about as expected as water being wet. I’m not giving a ton of props for that. We HAVE to score on those chances.

I love that Mantha stood up for Smith and then probably again would have gone with Foligno but MAN do I not want a Domi situation here. You can get hurt in a fight, and there is nobody-NOBODY-in the waiting that can replace what Mantha brings to this team right now. I don’t want to see him fighting out there, even if he is a big tough good. Good for standing up for your teammate, but please no.

The Bad 

Mrazek was….alright. Look I’m going to put him here because honestly they played well but that goal by Atkinson should not have gotten through five hole. That is 100% a goal that he just cannot let up. The first goal was kind of iffy, it was a bad bounce, Petr thought he should have had it, I’m not going to ride him for that. Bounces happen and goalies aren’t perfect. But if he doesn’t let that second one go through then this doesn’t get to OT and who gives a fuck about the awful slash.

I’ll be honest, nobody was trying hard enough on that one. Everyone expects a call, they don’t get it, and there’s a moment of disbelief and I clearly see that there. Mrazek, I think, should have had that. It was one on one at that point, and it was a good shot I’ll grant you but we need the goalie to be better. We need Mrazek to come up big there. That’s what you NEED in a starting goalie. We see it more and more today, teams live and die on their goalies. And the goalie market isn’t amazing. Most teams only have a #1 goalie, some don’t even have that. Wings don’t have options. We have Mrazek, and we have Howard, and we have Coreau. I don’t hate him but nights like tonight I have to hang the L partially on him.

Of course the rest of the loss goes too…..

The WTF?


One of the first WTF things I wrote here was a complaint about refs not being consistent. This is called 99.9% of the time according to our own Mickey Redmond. What the fuck is the rationale to not calling that? Is it that there’s not two hands used? Because fuck, he snapped Z’s twig and knocked his foot off the ice. I don’t really give a shit if he only used one hand, you want to protect players you can’t just let people one handed swing their stick around like a goddamn billy club. Are the refs getting kickbacks from stick manufacturers? That’s a $200+ dollar stick out there! KICKBACKS. ALTERNATIVE TRUTHS. #SLASHGATE.

I want an explanation. And I want to know why there is no goddamn accountability. I want an analysis of how many games are caused by powerplays or rushes from refs fucking up. Maybe that can be a long off season project.

Next Game 

Thursday against the Caps in Washington, who have scored 5 goals in their past 3 home games. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

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