Game 52 – Detroit @ Nashville – Life, the Universe, and Everything


That’s the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. It’s also how many saves Mrazek made in his first shutout in almost a year.

The Good

People talk about goalies stealing games or putting the team on their back. We haven’t seen a lot of that this season. Mrazek did that tonight. He was literally perfect. The Wings pretty much folded after the first period and Mrazek was even playing on the back to back, but that was nothing for Petr Mrazek. 42 saves. They weren’t easy saves, either, he got HAMMERED in close with rebounds and bad bounces and just managed to get in front of all of them. It was nice to see his confidence, and his Mrazzle Dazzle, back for the first time in a long time:

I think that the second game in a row was a good thing for Mrazek. I’ve said it before: he’s a confidence goalie, and you need to give him time to get that confidence. Constantly putting Coreau in is not going to get him back to his old form. Hopefully he starts Tuesday and continues to be a great as he was tonight.

Zetterberg got another assist tonight, along with Mantha, on Green’s 10th of the season. Mike Green is the first Wings defensemen to score double digit goals in a season since Lidstrom and Kronwall in 2011-2012. This is what we’re paying him 6 million to do, and I really really like the way Green is playing this season. If we try to sell him, the price better be really fucking high.

The Bad

Remember when I said that the Wings just had no good bounces and they kept getting odd man rushed? Tonight they upped the ante, with a mythical 4 on 1 that I don’t remember ever seeing before.

Poor Mike Green had no idea what to do and the grace of Saint Petr made that post stop that puck.

Let me be frank. This game is Mrazek 1 – Nashville 0. This game does not get won without him. Rinne was almost perfect and the Predators absolute hammered the Red Wings with 42 shots. The Wings had a paltry 19. If add in SOG + Blocked shots, the game was 59 – 26 in favor of the Preds. That is a HUGE difference. The 1st period was one of the best starts the Wings have had all season, they were forechecking so hard and battling in the corner. The fought the Preds tooth and nail and scraped out that goal. Then they turtled for 40 minutes. The Predators should have won tonight if Mrazek wasn’t a brick wall.

The powerplay was 0/5. Go read a previous GBWTF to see how I feel about that. It hasn’t changed, which is really frustrating because you’d think you need to change something at this point. Hold that, they did change something, AA was on the PK. Which, they didn’t give up a PP goal against, so maybe that’s not that bad.

The WTF?

I actually really like P.K. Subban and I think Nashville got the better for that trade (plus fuck Shea Weber ship his ass to Montreal who I already hate). Tonight he had such a smart play that I actually did say “What the Fuck?” outloud. As the puck crossed center ice on a clearing attempt near the end of the game Subban, who was on a clear intercept course, made a pivot that deliberately threw him off balance and perfectly just out of reach for the puck. It fooled the ref. It confused me. But that is an amazingly smart play. I’m not mad about the missed call. It’s the kind of play that I’d cheer for if my player did it.

Next Game

Tuesday against CBJ. I’d love a win, but damn that team is hot. Enjoy your Superbowl tomorrow, go Falcons, because the Pats are the closest thing to an evil Empire the real world has.

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