Lord of the Wings – Week of 1/16

Zac: Coreau

Christian: That’s all you got?
Zac: Consider the following: 1.000, .625, .947. That middle number is terrible. (Although some idiot from the internet said it wasn’t his fault).
Can you imagine what his next game would have been like if he had Mrazek’s fragile mental constitution? But no, he comes back after a game off, and gets a shutout in regulation, his second in 3 games. Granted, I would have preferred to not qualify that with “in regulation,” but still…

Christian: We’e doing this so late I don’t even remember what games we played. Wow a rare 4 game week?

Zac: 4 games indeed.

Christian: When you put it that way, he played 2 really good games

Zac: 18 saves each.

Christian: I don’t know that anyone really stood out last week, but Coreau actually is a good argument. He’s a really fascinating story too. His first pro season he only got 1 win in like 15 games then he lost 15 pounds in the off season and saw a sports psychologist.

Zac: Okay, I didn’t realize all that, nor did I realize that “sports psychologist” was a thing. Although, with people like goalies and quarterbacks, I can definitely see why. Larkin decided to do some stuff. Obviously he reads the Wheelhouse.

Christian: He did one goal. Also got hurt

Zac: He did other good stuff too. Not enough for such a high honor, though. Not this week, anyway.

Christian: I mean, they weren’t that good this week. They scored a lot but also let in a lot against Boston, they got shutout by NYR. One goal against MTL. Buffalo should’ve been a win but between them not playing great and the refs they lost in OT

Zac: But hey, points is points. I mean, not really, that’s a horrible philosophy. But still…

Christian: It was a good points streak. But it kind of feels like the unsustainable points streak in the beginning where they were getting really lucky

Zac: I’ll take what I can get when I can get it. My hopes are still pretty low. So, are you just going to come in here and comment on my ideas, or are you able to think for yourself and suggest somebody?

Christian: No I’ll be honest I had no choice in mind this week. Maybe Vanek? He had a couple points, but he wasn’t like amazing or anything

Zac: Not exactly a ringing endorsement. That’s kind of sad in a week where we won 3 games.

Christian: Uh…we won 2 games. We lost to Buffalo

Zac: That is absolutely true and I have no excuse except incompetence. I submit myself to your judgment and mercy. I also submit that it’s weird that there is no “e” in judgment. But I digress…

Christian: Congratulations you’re a real hockey blogger now, because this was all you

Zac: Is this in the same way that I’m a “real” goalie because I bought all the pads?

Christian: Exact same


AP Photos/Paul Sancya

Congratulations Jared Coreau on his first Lord of the Wings win. He is now the second Wings goalie this season to win the honor. He had a shutout and went 1-0-2 on the week.

2016-2017 Lord of the Wings Tallies

Anthony Mantha – 2

Andreas Athanasiou – 2

Jimmy Howard – 1

Tomas Tatar – 1

Jared Coreau – 1

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