Game 48 – Detroit @ Boston – Boston’s Brewin’

Six games in a row with a point, once again opening weak as shit against a slumping Boston team, I think realistically I should be damn happy we got a point out of this at all. We could have been in a really strong position with a regulation W here tonight, instead we’re in just a slightly worse one.

Actually some decisions at the end of the game really pissed me off, so I’ll get to those in the bad section.

The Good

AA continues to be really good at causing, and more importantly, finishing breakaways.

Tatar had a good goal and Green got his 9th of the season. I don’t really think the offense looked that good tonight, but scoring 3 goals is better than scoring 2. Or scoring 1. Or none.

Coreau faced an inordinate amount of fucking shots in this game, and finished a 4 goal game with a .918 SV%. That’s pretty damn good. Look I don’t want to get into the whole Coreau vs Mrazek thing, because I think it’s stupid, but I think he is a goaltender with a definite NHL future as a backup at least, maybe a fringe starter, and I’m glad that we have him on our team. He looked a lot more composed than he was back in games like the centennial classic. Wings gave up a goal early and he didn’t get rattled, that’s a good step forward.

Jurco looked better than Miller.

The Bad

Holy shit where do I start.

OVER TEN MINUTES WITHOUT A SHOT ON GOAL. Outshot 40 whatever to 20 who gives a shit, that is crazy unacceptable. What has to happen for this team to start on time? Do they need watches? Should I spam them emails with the game start time? Maybe some sort of notification system involving carrier pigeons.

Mantha played like less than 10 minutes TOI tonight and I don’t remember seeing him in the OT period. MEANWHILE Abby, Helm, and DDK got 2 shifts in overtime. In case you didn’t know, overtime is ONLY 5 FUCKING MINUTES. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Why are they taking up almost 30-40% of the overtime period?! AA was barely out there. I didn’t seen Mantha. Shit, we lost two of our best offensive weapons and you decide to not give the majority of the time to the ones that we still have? God damn it.

Why did Miller get called back up over Bert or Frk? (Bert and Frk sounds like a pair of goddamn Muppets). I don’t think he brings more to the table over him and clearly you were willing to waive him. Look at a team like Chicago. Give some young players chances on the 4th line, especially if it’s only going to be a couple games.

Coreau gave up multiple goals tonight off of rebounds. Not 100% his fault, but I’d love it if he could actually smother the puck up in close and not give our defensement *COUGH* DEKEYSER *COUGH* an opportunity to stand there and watch while a rebound got hammered home. That’s at least a minor one in a sloppy, bad game by the Wings that could have been way worse without Coreau.


Brad Marchand is a piece of shit. He’s always been a piece of shit, and he will continue to be a piece of shit. The NHL won’t look at this, no one will care in a day or so, and he will keep up his pace of being a dirty player who tries to injure people. The absolute worst part of this is, Marchand is a good hockey player who can score goals. He doesn’t need to play like this to be good. He could be a clean player if he wanted to.

But he doesn’t, and I will continue to claim him as a piece of shit, and that’s the end of that.

And NHL, I don’t want to hear you guys bitch about protecting players again if you won’t do anything about slewfoots away from the play on unsuspecting players. You didn’t do anything for Tkachuk and you won’t do anything for Marchand.

Next Game

Tomorrow against a really deadly Toronto team that is in the same playoff hunt as we are. They will probably start on time. I expect to lose.

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