Game 46 & 47 – Buffalo, Rangers – Sunday Night Double Feature

I apologize for these both being late and combined, the NHL didn’t check my google calendar for conflicts EVEN THOUGH I SHARED IT WITH THEM. As it is, these were both pretty solid games for the Wings. They have now put together a 5 game point streak, which again is much better than they managed to do during the slump. I think this team might finally be performing near where they should be for who they have, compared to the outrageously poor performance they had been giving us.

The Good

Both Mrazek and Coreau were good in these two games. Mrazek posted a .919 and got us the OT, and Coreau posted a .947 and got us to OT. Both of them are playing really solid now. I’d go so far as to say even with Howard’s injury, Detroit has nothing to worry about in net. We’ve finally got settled down. Mrazek in particular looked like old form against Buffalo with some crazy blocker saves.

Darren Helm is back! And he scored in his first game back.

Unlike Abby, I’m actually really excited to see Helm back (not just because he’s my favorite Wing). He was having a really solid season before he got hurt, and he brings a lot more offensive and defensive upside to the bottom six than Ott or Miller do. I know a lot of people think he’s overpaid (I think he’s perhaps over termed but not quite overpaid), but he at least works hard without being a stereotypical “hard work justifies the fact that they’re kind of shitty”. He plays like he wants to earn that contract.

The offense looked good, all things considered across those two games. Nielsen managed to pot a PPG for his 10th of the season, they outshot the Rangers and were close to the Sabers in shots, and are finding a way to get point out of every game. And they’re finally fun to watch again. I much prefer this team to a team that is trying to tank, and the race to the Trade Deadline is exciting now finally.

The Bad

Our defense kind of fucking blows. The biggest example of this I’ve noticed is DeKeyser. I swear, he’s this season Ericsson, especially when he plays with Ericsson. I’m honestly wondering what is up with him. There was a little while there that I was really excited for him as a future for the team and now it’s to the point where if they traded him I wouldn’t be upset. I mean, let’s look at the current 6 defensemen who played today’s game against New York

  • Green
  • Kronwall
  • DDK
  • Ericsson
  • Ouellet
  • Jensen

Green is probably the best of that bunch even if he’s been making some shitty plays lately. Kronwall’s knee is obviously causing him to be a shadow of his former self to the point that I think we’re better if he fucks off to LTIR-land and give up a roster spot. DDK has buckle under the stress of his minutes and caused a lot of goals against. Ericsson is much better than last season but that’s like saying hey I only have one flat tire not four. Ouellet is honestly I think better than the three above him, Jensen has really impressed me as well. But you would have to argue that we even have a Top 2 defensemen, let alone 2 of them. It needs correcting before this team can go more than a first round in the playoffs.

Even with the one goal our Powerplay is dogshit. Looks like no one wants them. Maybe we should like force them to do 100 burpees for each powerplay they don’t score on. I know that would motivate the fuck out of me, and I am out of ideas by this point on how to fix it.


I would not be a good coach.


We got two here! Both from the game against Buffalo.

#1) DDK helps score…on the Red Wings

SIGH. What the fuck DeKeyser? That goal may have been kicked in. Or it would have, if you hadn’t haphazardly whacked at it. Is this a thing you get taught when you learn how to play hockey? As a Defenseman is it really better to just swing at the puck and try and clear it when it’s in the crease? I guess I understand that, but is there ever a time that you want to try and clear it towards the net? I feel like that just defeats the general purpose of it. He could have done more on this play, or less, and guess what it stood and the Wings lost in OT. But worse off than that play was….

#2 Blatant Hook leads to OT goal


Look, all I want is some goddamn consistency. I get that they need to let them play sometimes, but then other times they don’t. What are the rules anymore. I don’t have a single fucking idea what actually constitutes goal tender interference anymore. I am absolutely tired of games being decided by non calls or bad calls. I honestly don’t have a solution, at least they aren’t NFL refs, but a man can dream of a perfect world can’t he?

Also, I’ve heard rumors that the front office thinks Coreau is the one they want to protect in the expansion draft, not Mrazek. Uh..excuse me? TEN GAMES IS NOT A PROPER SAMPLE SIZE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING KEN HOLLAND? FUCK.

Next Game

So the Wings getting points is really good, and they’re doing a lot better, so Tuesday’s game against Boston is huge. They lost again tonight so we’re only 4 points behind them now with 3 games in hand. Closing that gap to 2 on tuesday would be AMAZING in terms of getting back into the playoff hunt. I expect a very intense game.

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