Game 45 – Boston @ Detroit – Three Oh No You Didn’t

Holy shit that was a terrible title what am I doing with my life.

I was so prepared to come in here with righteous fury and curse up a storm about the fact that this team was down by one goal before I even turned it on. It’s not like I was late or anything it was 44 seconds into the fucking game! NBC hadn’t even finished doing that lineup placards that they put up on the top of the screen in the space that they should use for SOGs but they don’t because they’re the fucking worst.

The Good

Oh my goodness. 5 goals, after being down 3-0 in the first 9 minutes. Two great goals in the shootout to power us to the win.

We don’t win this game without Larkin. Fitting that I spent yesterday talking with Zac about how Larkin has been kind of slumpy lately and he comes out with a great 2 point night that makes me look like a fool. He set that play up and then tucked in perfectly to one timer it right by the post right by Rask. (Also Sheahan got a point holy shit that’s 7 whole points on the season) That looked pretty damn good but he wasn’t done oh no. Because the Wings were down by one late in the third and DAMMIT WE NEED A HERO.


Larkin played so heads up there to get to the puck and play it across off of Nyquist’s stick. I’m not taking away from Nyquist, but that goal doesn’t happen without Larkin. Without Larkin, in the words of the immortal Willy Wonka, “You get NOTHING. You LOSE. Good Day SIR!”

Tatar had a great breakaway goal.

Honestly I’m still not sure how he got that to bounce through but I’m not complaining. He had 3 points on the night.

And finally for offense AA has his 10th goal of the season off of an amazing play that I swear I thought the Washington Capitals had copyrighted because they’re the only people I see consistently pull it off.


XO was once again really good with a great goal that I’m going to put at the bottom of this because why not I put all the other goals in here I might as well. I have been so impressed with him. Never send him back to the AHL. Waive Marchenko before you waive this guy, please Holland please. Honestly, once the team remembered that they actually needed to play hockey tonight they were great.

Glad to see Mrazek is finally out of his slump. He looked really really sharp in relief of Coreau and was solid all the way through the end of the shootout. Some big saves on 25 shots, only letting in 2 goals, and looking like his old self again. This is what I was talking that he needed to get his confidence back and once he did, he’d look good again. Mrazek is a product of what’s in front of him, and as long as we play well I think he can play great.

The Bad


NOT 8:30.

Green and DDK looked like they didn’t know where to be! How did they let that play develop when both of them were RIGHT. FUCKING. THERE. The whole first 10 minutes looked pretty bad. We were sloppy, penned in our zone. It was like that episode of South Park where the Red Wings crush the little kids and win the Stanley Cup except we…weren’t the Red Wings we were the little kids getting the shit kicked out of us. Green’s turnover later caused a short handed goal as well (thank god this game ended differently or I’d be so much saltier about these plays).


Poor Coreau. It really sucks that the Red Wings decided to just completely hang him out to dry for the first 10 minutes. None of this was his fault, but he’s got to ride the .620 SV% and obscene GAA for this game now. Again, if we had played the same in front of Mrazek I shudder to think what would have happened. We might have set Mrazek back another 5 games or so in terms of confidence.



Look Doc’s a great play caller, I don’t mind him at all. But having to listen to Mike Milbury the human pile of fucking shit badmouth Joe Louis Arena, a great arena, an arena named after someone who matters to this city, made my blood pressure jump up by 50 points. Fuck you Milbury. You climbed into the stands and beat a fan with a shoe. You fucked up the Islanders so bad I still don’t know if they’ve fully recovered. They’ve certainly not won a cup since then. Every word out of your mouth is inarticulate trash that takes the game of hockey back decades. NHL you want to know why less people watch your shit? It’s because you let people like Mike Fucking Milbury voice their stupid fucking opinions on air.

Fuck Edzo too. Hate that I pay money for cable and I’m forced to listen to this god damn biased color commentators who are clearly looking for a Detroit loss.

Next Game

Friday @ 7 vs Buffalo. This weekend is actually insanely busy for me, so I have no idea when I’m going to get to watch this game or the sunday game. Hopefully I get to go back to them to watch how the Wings put together a 5 game winning streak.


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