Lord of the Wings – Week of 1/9

Christian: So who are you thinking?

Zac: It’s hard to be objective with AA’s copycat goal against Pitt constantly repeating in my head. When they showed the side-by-side last night with Datsyuk’s goal from… was it 2013?… my head just exploded. Suggest someone else, because I feel like I’m ignoring a lot of good play because of it!

Christian: I mean, I think it’s probably AA again, but Vanek is on a pretty killer point streak right now. He’s got points in his last 6 games, though one of those is the goal last night

Zac: Well that doesn’t count. We don’t know about that yet, because we’re totally doing this on time during the day on Monday. Stop predicting the future. VANEK! is on a tear, Mantha’s being Mantha. I can’t wait to talk about Coreau after the game that we haven’t seen yet because time travel isn’t a thing. ‘Member Larkin? I wish we could talk about Larkin on these things…

Christian: Yeah what’s up with him? I mean, I get that he’s having a sophomore slump, but still.

Zac: True, although his “sophomore slump” started his freshman year. I’m worried that the issues with this team are going to cause lasting damage with him.

Christian: He’s got 16 points in 44 games. I don’t even think he looks bad. I honestly don’t know what’s causing it. I think the team underperforming plus he gets focus from the other team

Christian: He had an assist last week

Zac: To risk referencing NHL 17 again, he’s solidly in the yellow.

Christian: Hah, you mean coach grades?

Zac: Yessir.

Christian: Anyways, I want to go with AA because he’s rapidly proving himself to be an elite talent. Like, as good as Larkin was last season at the beginning

Zac: You mean Andrevel Datsanasiou?

Christian: Or Paveas Athanasyuk. Iyer Prasanth had an interesting stat about him

Zac: Go on…

Christian: Ah, here we go.

So that’s points in 5v5 situation per 60 minutes of ice time. He’s 5th. That’s pretty great. that’s better than McJesus

Zac: McJesus, the standard to which we all compare ourselves. Even us goalies. (Sorry, I just wanted to call myself a goalie :D) WWMD?

Christian: Notice that Vanek is actually number 1. He’s so close to a PPG

Zac: I did notice that. There’s no way around it, VANEK! is amazing.

Christian: Yes he is. But let’s settle it. Vanek or AA?

Zac: I vote AA.

Christian: Same

Zac: They AAs have it!

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Congratulations Andreas Athanasiou, our second back to back Lord of the Wins Recipient. Last week he had 2 goals in 3 games.

2016-2017 Lord of the Wings Tallies

Anthony Mantha – 2

Andreas Athanasiou – 2

Jimmy Howard – 1

Tomas Tatar – 1

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