Game 44 – Montreal @ Detroit – The Price is Wrong

I’m allowed to use this title once a season when we beat Carey Price, right? That won’t get old.

I honestly can’t remember the last afternoon weekday game I watched. It was probably back when the World Cup of Hockey was on. Thankfully my real job knows how important hockey is so they gave me the day off to watch it.

The Good

Jared Coreau is now 5-1-2 on the season, with 2 shutouts. He has been remarkably solid for a rookie goaltender who got called up do to injury. I didn’t even think he was this level of a prospect until I saw him this year. I mean, he has less than 100 starts in the AHL, he’s only 25, so the fact that he has played so well over this, albeit small, sample size is great to see.

In the future though buddy, I’d appreciate you not making my heart stop when you practice juggling during a 1-0 lead against one of the best teams in the league.

Is Vanek magic? Because he found the only way to beat Carey Price. It’s not one deflection, that shit won’t cut it. You need TWO deflections and that worked. Off his leg off Price’s pad, into net. And that was the only goal to stand too. Some people don’t like low scoring games, but when we play against a generational talent goaltender and you beat him, I don’t care if there was only one goal, that’s a solid 2 points that you need and I’ll be entertained all night long.

The real question is, do we still have Vanek next season? Because honestly, I wonder if he’s reaching the point of eclipsing being sold at the deadline. This offense may well and truly break without him.

The Bad

0/4 on the Powerplay again tonight, the 4th one didn’t even have any shots.

The Wings look really good at passing the puck in the offensive zone. There’s a lot of crisp tape to tape passes circling the zone. But it’s hard to score from the outer edges of the ice. That’s why the other team let’s you go there. And then when we finally do pass the puck it goes straight to either across the slot where it gets broken up by a defensive stick, or it goes to the point for a shot or further cycle. It’s frustrating to watch because I fucking know what they’re going to do, obviously the other teams look at this shit when they come into town and they know what we’re going to do. We need to change something to really catch them by surprise or something.

Hey, at least they get in the fucking zone now.

The WTF?

AA had an awesome breakaway that might have beat most goalies, but unfortunately for him he was playing against Carey Price. I cannot believe how little he bit on this. Carey Price must be some sort of zen monk to unblinkingly stare down such a fast player who he knows just made a crazy coast to coast goal a couple nights ago. And he just calming goes down and gloves it like that’s not amazing. Fuck you Carey Price. At least act like you’re not an unfeeling goalie robot.

Wait scratch that. When he starts feeling emotions he beats on people’s heads while his teammates holds him down.

Next Game

Wednesday against the Bruins at home. I haven’t been following them so let’s see…well they’re second in the division behind Montreal, so picking up 2 points against them would really be like 4 points in regards to the standings so let’s do that then.

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