Game 43 – Pittsburgh @ Detroit – I Love This Team

Holy Shit, I forgot what it was like when the Wings were fun to watch. There was a little bit of the Centennial Classic, but then we lost in OT and that kind of put a damper on it. I imagine the first period tonight wasn’t great, but I missed that so instead I got to see literally the best 40 minutes of hockey the Wings offense has played all season.

The Good



That is the best goal I’ve seen all season. I wasn’t entirely sure I hadn’t fallen asleep in my comfy recliner because the Wings were playing another boring game and dreaming the whole thing. BUT IT WAS REAL. The offense clicked so much tonight, they put up over 30 shots on Flower (sorry /u/FastAndFleuryous, I know you like him) and just absolutely dominated the Penguins in the 2nd and the 3rd. A Six goal rally after being down 2-0 is just the kind of performance I want to see out of this team.

Coreau played pretty good. I notice a lot that he often looks like me when I play goalie in NHL 17, if there’s a lot of motion I start to get jittery and move too much. I don’t think it’s bit him in the ass quite yet, but the Centennial Classic is one of those I think of where he just gets rattled and starts moving juuuuust a bit too much.

Also, everyone saying ditch Mrazek AND Howard for just Coreau? C’mon son. Quit with that nonsense. Barring the outright idiocy of getting rid of two goalies to go to some tandem of 2 goalies with less than 50 games NHL experience next year, do you really actually see something better than Mrazek in Coreau? I mean sure he looks competent, but nothing he does wows me. He looks like a backup goalie, which is good because the Wings will need that next year if Howard is traded or taken by Vegas.

Sum up: Offense kicked ass. Looked awesome.

The Bad

I don’t really want to taint these but…our defense has not looked great this whole season, and while our offense and goaltending might be finally clicking, defense isn’t. Look at this, thankfully, no goal:

DDK is completely lost as soon as Abby got tangled up with Malkin, and he just kind of glides around trying to figure out what’s going on which helps lead to a goal. I’m not going to blame that on him 100% but it’s just frustrating to watch that most of defensemen look less than capable for multiple places a game. The worst part is, when the defense collapses and let’s up a chance, our goaltenders can’t seem to make that desperate saves we need. We need a complete team if we want to make the playoffs (which many of you probably don’t at this point).

Larkin has kind of disappeared a bit lately. I don’t know if it’s because AA and Mantha have been so good over the past few games, but I know he started on the 3rd Line tonight and at some point was playing on the 4th. He’s been bounced between center and winger several times this season. I’m not saving he’s bad, he still has 11 goals on the season, but I think the sophomore slump is real and it actually started in the second half of last season in my opinion. I don’t know what the slump buster is, but I really hope he finds it.

The WTF?

Ericsson has two goals in two games against the Red Wings. This would be a pretty good stat, if he didn’t play for the fucking Red Wings.

UGH. I was like, how did it fly off his skate with no kicking motion? Turns out Ericsson just TWACK sent that thing right up over the pad. Perfect chop shot. Thank god we won tonight, because I’m less inclined to be upset about this now. Otherwise it would have been just salt everywhere.

Next Game

Monday at 3pm against the Habs. Carey Price got robbed on a goalie interference call, and they’ve also been on a bit of skid. Hopefully the Wings can get 2 points out of there and continue this resurgence.

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