Game 42 – Detroit @ Dallas – Seeing Stars

I do not know why I rushed home so I could watch the last 2 periods of this game. Most of the first was heard on the radio, so bear some of that in mind, I didn’t get the “full” 60 minute visual experience today.

Not that I would have cared too, because most of the 40 I watched weren’t that good.

The Good

Nyquist scored. On a Powerplay. On the Road.

Also Trump is now well spoken, cats don’t purposely try to annoy people, pigs fly, and LEGOs are no longer the most painful thing to ever fucking step on in the history of the world. That was a goal that Gus needed because man the only person with a bigger monkey on his back was Sheahan. He set up a great goal to Zetterberg.

Let’s see…Mantha and AA were both really good tonight, Mantha had an assist on Zetterberg’s goal to keep us talking about how much offense he is producing. Last I checked AA and Mantha both had 4 shots on goal, and that’s probably conservative because I swear I saw Mantha get like 4 shots on one play in the 3rd. Real question here: is expectations for Mantha and AA that they will be as good as if not better than Larkin? Because if I’m being honest with myself, I think Mantha in particular looks like he might even be a better goal scorer than Larkin. I think it’s probably too soon, because he’s young and Larkin is getting a lot more coverage, I’m sure teams know a lot more about our young players than I give them credit for. But still. People bitch about us not having any elite talent. I think they might be wrong about that.

The Bad

Look the Red Wings had a 2-1 lead and then they lost it shortly into a third. And it’s not like that goal was a good one.

That is 100% a weak giveaway by Tatar right to the blue line and therefore a goal. Not the kind of a strong play we need but okay we’re tied. Then this happens:

UGH. Dick around with the puck in the offensive zone, bad rush the other way, Mrazek makes an amazing save and everyone just stands around and lets Klingberg tuck in the rebound. There’s two Red Wings there, Big E and Vanek, just fucking standing there. It’s like they thought the puck was already in so why try to clear it or put your stick down or anything. I get it. Sometimes I need a breather too. I’m out of shape and you just can’t be expected to play all the time.

This team has about the same coordination of a one legged kitten. They can barely break into the offensive zone and when they do they pass the puck around like a hot potato before they lose it. And in their own zone they’re basically worse because they turn the puck over or make bad clears or spend the entire time chasing. They kill any momentum they ever get with bad plays and spend SO. MUCH. TIME. just trying to set up some kind of competent playing. We have like exactly 4 players playing well for an entire game and it’s so frustrating to watch. There was actually one moment in the neutral zone where we were trying to start a zone entry and somehow ON OUR OWN we lost the puck and forced ourselves back into our own zone. WE LOST THE NEUTRAL ZONE ON OUR OWN MERITS, WITH NO STARS AROUND AT ALL.

The WTF?


Look Ericsson is literally just turning to go behind the net and follow the puck. And that puck was going so far wide, not even close to the shot. But somewhere in Australia a butterfly flapped it’s wings and the air currents worked just right causing that puck to bounce perfect off the blade of Ericsson’s stick and go right into the puck sized gap between Mrazek’s glove and pad like some sort of remote controlled batarang thing.

I wish I could make this shit up.

How is it that we have a player with 64 shots and no goals, and yet THIS SHIT GOES IN AGAINST US. There is so serious dark voodoo magumbo going on against us. It’s the only way I can explain the phenomonal lack of puck luck we have. The Red Wings are cursed.

Or, you know, they just kind of suck.

Next Game

Saturday back home against the Penguins. They’ve not looked good lately so here’s a nice soft Red Wings team to rebuild your confidence. Probably give Crosby a hattrick or something.

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