Game 41 – Detroit @ Chicago – Wings v Hawks and Refs

This could have been a better game, but it could have been a worse game. This month is pretty much going to make or break the rest of the season for the Wings and what we do at the trade deadline. Chicago is a tough team, so at the end of the night I’m happy getting a Pity Point out of it.


Andreas Athanasiou extends his point streak to another game. He has as many points in his last 3 as Riley Sheahan has in the entire season. Not only that, but it was a snipe truly worthy of special mention.

He didn’t actually realize he scored it! There’s a good moment where he stays still and is like “Did I snipe it? BLASHILL DID I GET IT? WHOOOOOO”. He played great the whole game I thought. Mantha continued to look good and cause good things in the offense zone.¬†Honestly the 2nd Period was fantastic for the Wings, they played awful in the first and exploded for three goals in the second. They were scoring all over the place. There was a snipe, a nice snap shot by Tatar, and an in close greasy go by Luke Glendening of all people. He looked really good tonight, minus the play in OT where he screened Mrazek.

Green and Abby were back, which I think evened out. Abby helped to create a goal with a potential handpass but I’m not complaining.

And finally Mrazek played great today. I don’t think more than maybe one goal was directly on him, the rest where shots that I just don’t think he had a chance to save. This is what I wanted to see from him. Multiple back to back games where he plays well and gets his confidence back. Whatever demons were plaguing him earlier in the season seem to be gone, and I think he was a huge part of us getting any points out of this game.


Holy shit that first period was awful. Wings were outshot 16-7, plus they had like 8 blocked shots. It was basically 20 minutes of panicking against the Blackhawks and hoping I only had to listen to goddamn Chelsea Dagger a couple of times. Or should I say Paniking, because Richard Panik got his 10th goal of the season against us because you know, when you think fantastic goal scorers who would be close to the lead on our team it’s Richard fucking Panik. We did not look good or even remotely prepared, and thank god we rebounded because an entire game like that would have be awful.

Why did we give up like 3 breakaways in the first? The story of this game for the Red Wings defense was basically being that Yellow player in EASHL drop in who picked Defense but really wants to be a forward. Not that I think there’s a problem with pinching up, but you need to hustle back in time to prevent a breakaway and we simply didn’t do that. Mrazek was the only reason the first period wasn’t us down like 4-0.

Ericsson looked really bad tonight, and Sproul looked even worse. I will be really surprised if he gets to play next game over Jensen.

Sheahan is cursed.

The WTF?

6-1 penalties, with the only one called for us being offsetting. The Red Wings got 9 seconds of PowerPlay time.

The Hawks had 2 power play goals.

Look I’m not saying the penalties weren’t justified. But, this was an Original Six game between rivals and as such there was a certain amount of hooking, pushing, shoving, general borderline stuff that could be could. Abby got cross checked in the back of the neck for fuck’s sake. But this was clearly called one way and that way was towards the home team. Bias in calls is bad. No one wants to see refs call the game. It’s bullshit in the NFL and it’s bullshit in the NHL and it’s just shitty. And it’s extra hard to swallow when it’s such a league darling team in the Chicago Blackhawks.

Get your shit together Refs. Pack it all up, and get it together.

Next Game

Thursday at Dallas. Every game now is a “must win”. As in “must win or I’ll go insane”

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