Lord of the Wings – Week of 1/2

Zac and I are back after what was honestly not the worst stretch of 3 games we’ve had to do one of these for, even if the record still sucked.

* * *

Christian: Well another week down, another 3 games that the Wings went 1-2

Zac: I had SO MUCH FUN watching AA’s metaphorical middle finger.

Christian: It’s almost like if you don’t anchor good players with Ott, Miller, and Glendening they can do good things! Assume you let them off the damn bench first

Zac: It’s like my dad always told me, if you don’t get off the bench you can’t score!

Christian: Thanks Edzo. I honestly don’t know who I want to pick though because AA was great but man Mantha was great again too.

Zac: I mean, it’s not AA’s fault, but Mantha had more chances to be great, and didn’t disappoint.

Christian: Interesting I searched AA stats and it referred me to alcoholics anonymous, which makes sense with this team. AA had 2 goals and 3 assists in 2 games last week, Mantha had 2 goals and 1 assist in 3. So I think, statistically, we gotta go AA. Not only that but AA had about 3 minutes less TOI as well

Zac: Huh, those numbers are different than I expected. I mean, statistically and feels-wise I think we gotta go AA

Christian: I want to pick him just for the story of him flipping Blashill off because I still don’t like the benching vs Anaheim

Zac: Wait what? Like, literally?

Christian: No by playing super well

Zac: Oh. That’s disappointing. I mean, it wasn’t, it just is now because I thought it might be literal. But yeah, that made it so fun to watch!

Christian: I just don’t get the idea. Like, you need to push your young players to be elite I get that but if they make a single mistake and you take ice time away, doesn’t that seem like it’ll actually slow their growth to elite players? Players gotta play to get better

Zac: Totally agreed, they shouldn’t have to be perfect to keep skating, that doesn’t even make any sense. Even less so after that post-bench showing.

Christian: Especially when our vets will make awful mistakes and get no punishment. It’s not the way I would “push” players development

Zac: They’re professional athletes, part of an extremely exclusive club, stop treating them like children. I take that back, you wouldn’t even treat children like that, because you expect them to make mistakes and learn from them.Have we already made the decision and are just padding the length with our opinions/complaints/ parenting tips?

Christian: Oh yeah it’s Andreas “I deserve to be here asshole” Athanasiou. Mantha can’t quite get the hattrick

Zac: Can we go with Andreas “Fuck All Y’all” Athanasiou?

Christian: That’s better. Let’s go with that


Congratulations Andreas “Fuck All Y’all” Athanasiou for being named Lord of the Wings for the week of 1/2. He played 2 games and put up an impressive 2 goals and 3 assists after being benched for making a mistake.



2016-2017 Lord of the Wings Tallies

Anthony Mantha – 2

Jimmy Howard – 1

Tomas Tatar – 1

Andreas Athanasiou – 1

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