Game 39 – Detroit @ LA – Now it’s Our Turn

WINGS WON A HOCKEY GAME. That’s amazing. I almost forgot we could do that.

Most of it came from a dominate first period and then the Wings basically turtled against an aggressive Kings team, but Coreau and the rest managed to snag not just a win but a shutout.

The Good 

This game might has well have been Athanasiou shouting “Fuck You!” at Blashill every time he went past the bench. He went from a healthy scratch last game to scoring 3 points in the 1st period tonight. Two slick assists, each to Vanek, and a beautiful breakaway goal after a great pass by Mantha. See Ken Holland and Jeff Blashill. This is why you let your young players skate through their mistakes: because they’re NHL rookies for a reason and you need to let them grow. Look at Toronto letting their rookies skate. Stop putting some many barriers between our prospects and their development.

Speaking of players who were stonewalled, Anthony Mantha had another 2 point night with an insane wrist shot on Zatkoff.

I mean look at the speed on that release. Zatkoff didn’t even react to it before the damn thing is in the net. That’s a goal scorers shot, and if there is one thing the Wings have missed is an elite goal scorer. Is Mantha elite? Maybe. Looking towards that. 8 points in 10 games is not the kind of thing you sneeze at.

And Jared Coreau looked fantastic as well. He made 34 saves, many of them in close, and stopped his first career penalty shot. I’ve really liked what I’ve seen of his stickwork so far. Maybe I just haven’t noticed it with other goalies but Coreau seems very active with poke checks and puck sweeps to cut down on rebounds or just generally get the puck out of danger. He’s doing solid work in net for a rookie, and if Mrazek keeps up last games work, then the Wings might once again be solid in the goaltending department going forward which is one more thing we don’t need to worry about.

This is the type of game that could be a turning point in the season. Or not. It’s kind of hard to have faith after how bad this team fucked with us the past 20 games or so.

The Bad

0/2 on the Powerplay. Not going to waste your time here. It’s fucking atrocious. Next.

The WTF?

I tweeted out the following during the game.

But that really got me thinking. What is going on in the Wings office? Ken Holland is literally on record as calling Anthony Mantha a spare part to the Griffins and he that he wasn’t a solution for this team. Like, “How dare fans think a 20th overall pick could POSSIBLY help this team”. He’s second on the team in goals right now! And if it wasn’t for Helm like exploding his shoulder and I don’t even remember what happened to Abdelkater Mantha was still be lighting up the Griffins right now.

This is the kind of fucking bullshit that people get frustrated with and say Ken Holland is a bad GM. Because the Steve Ott signing did not need to happen. That was a spot that could have gone to Mantha from the get go. We did not need another veteran taking up a spot. This overseasoning and over strictness on ice time’s gotta stop. At some point our prospects need to play in the NHL as rookies and while yes, you can rush them and fuck up there development (dammit Babcock you ruined Jurco) you also can’t keep plugging the holes with aging veterans. You gotta let the kids play, or this team will get left behind by the rest of the league.

Next Game

Saturday night at 10:30 against the Sharks. Lions playoff game and Wings v Sharks on the same night? Hell of a saturday.

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