Lord of the Wings – Week of 12/26

New Year, same Red Wings. You know the drill.

* * *

Zac: How’s your heart? Has it calmed down since the Classic?

Christian: Doctor said anymore third periods like that and I’ll die

Zac: Well, lucky for you (?), the Red Wings don’t seem to usually play to that level.

Christian: I don’t want to call that an amazing 3rd period, because we gave up 4 goals, but that come back was awesome

Zac: It was definitely the most fun I’ve had watching hockey this season. Possibly more than that. I don’t know. I have a terrible memory.

Christian: It’s better than most games I remember watching. Maybe the Mike Green hatty against Ottawa was equal. Hey we actually got 3 games to look at for choosing Lord of the Wings this week

Zac: You’re so good at counting! Damn, who turned up my sarcasm setting? Not only were there three games, but there were actual, memorable, good things from each of them! That comeback. That stretch pass breakaway goal. Mantha’s double fake-out of the rookie of the month…. A powerplay goal.

Christian: A POWERPLAY GOAL. Speaking of did you hear they just started skating new PP lines featuring Steve Ott? Mind blown.

Zac: Where’s the breaking news bumper?

Christian: BREAKING NEWS: Wings Powerplay still absolutely shit. Mantha had 5 points in 3 games last week

Zac: It would be tough to not give it to him, but at least there are technically other options this time. Zetterberg, for one. Funny story, before last week, every time I had seen an interview with him the TV I was watching was muted. I never heard his voice before last week.

Christian: It’s okay, I mostly just stare at his luxurious beard. He also had 5 points, but they were all assists

Zac: Points is points. And come on, that pass was crazy. Can you imagine if we tried to pull that off?

Christian: He’s now the all time Outdoor game leading scorer

Zac: That’s a specific record to have.

Christian: 7 points, all assists. Also, no I can’t imagine us pulling that off. Let’s not compare ourselves to NHL players just yet.

Zac: Or, you know, ever. We could never pull off beards like that. It’s just genetics. They’ve got it, we don’t. Simple as that.

Christian: You don’t have any hair genetics actually

Zac: That is NOT true. You just can’t see my legs when we’re skating.

Christian: Too many informations.

Zac: What were we talking about?

Christian: So….do we go with Zetterberg, or Mantha? 3 goals 2 assists vs 5 assists

Zac: I am seriously so in love http://i.giphy.com/1pofg0cTz5mak.gifwith that pump-fake goal. More so than that stretch pass. So my vote would be Manthony. Much love to Big Z, though.

Christian: I think we need to vote Mantha just for that game. He got us a point from a game that we pretty much threw away

Zac: Pi-ty point! Pi-ty point! Seriously, pity us.

Christian: I pity us

Zac: We’re all invited to the pity party.

Christian: Well, we don’t have honorable mentions but Zetterberg definitely gets that on record.Congratulations Anthony “Spare part” Mantha

Zac: Golf clap for you, sir.

Anthony Mantha is the first player to be named Lord of the Wings two weeks in a row. He had 5 points, 3 goals and 2 assist, in three games last week, including 3 in the Centennial Classic.

2016-2017 Lord of the Wings Tallies

Anthony Mantha – 2

Jimmy Howard – 1

Tomas Tatar – 1


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