Game 37 – Centennial Classic Detroit @ Toronto – FOUR ONE

Generally speaking, I like the Winter Classic but I don’t like the extra added outdoor games. They have a ton of extra variables that I feel legitimately affect the game, a game where you need 2 points like every other game. I also think that repeated exposure makes them less special, and that what teams they give outdoor games to is amazingly repetitive (have the wings had one each of the last 3 years? I think so. and I can’t even count the number of Blackhawks games.)

That said, holy shit this was the most fun game of hockey I’ve watched all season.

The Good

The Centennial jerseys looked a lot better than I expected. The silver bands were impossible to read at any point, but honestly I figured that was more for the fans who bought them. I still wish they could have done Color v Color jerseys, as I think the solid red jerseys just have more pop on the outdoor rink.

Look at those kind of sexy jerseys. They look better in action. Photo thanks to the Detroit Red Wings

As for the game itself:


I was pretty sure that we were hosed when we just lost all control and went down 4-1 in the third in what felt like about 30 seconds. But then the comeback. Oh the comeback. Started by who else but…Jonathan Ericsson? Really? First goal in 49 games? I’LL TAKE IT! Larkin bats in a greasy goal and then oh boy. Wings needed a hero.

Who else but ANTHONY MANTHA to score his second goal of the evening with 1.1 seconds left in the game. Which then had to go to double review because of course it did why would I expect anything in this game to make my blood pressure go down instead of up. That was a Red Wings team I’m proud to watch, it took a bit but man did they get their head in the game and just grind out a fantastic win. Mantha looked good, Larkin looked good, Zetterberg looked good, Vanek, Nielsen. I loved that 3rd period. Fantastic hockey from our offense (in the third).

And man, Coreau in just his 4th game had some great saves, especially in OT. Honestly he looks better than Mrazek, and I’m sure management noticed and that’s why they gave him the start. But he looked confident and together for the majority of that game, including OT.

I also like how active I see him with his stick. He’s got size and reach and isn’t afraid to use it to poke a puck into next Tuesday if it means keeping it away from him. Which is good seeing as our defense is not so good at the whole puck cleary thing.

Also thank god Steve Ott is entertaining because he’d be intolerable on your team otherwise because I don’t think he brings much to the table otherwise.


The Bad

I don’t want to soil this game with a huge analysis of what was bad about it. Obviously giving up 4 goals in the third is awful and yet at the same time classic Red Wings. After that second one went in we looked so rattled. Coreau was all over the place, defense was all over the place, forwards were everywhere. We were getting attacked by blue bees on skates with sticks and they made us look like chumps on their way to the 4-1 lead. I could talk about how bad I thought Jensen and DDK as the top pair was again, particular on the Komarov goal where Jensen just utterly botched a tie up. The first half of the first period was incredibly rough, we looked slow and the game was downright boring to watch.

But I’m not going to talk about that. Because the 2016-17 Red Wings rallied their offense, pulled out goal support, and got a point out of a game that was all but lost to them. And even more so the Wings did it against the Leafs who just so happened to have a 4-1 lead.

It was a magical Centennial Classic and I’m going to call it good.

The WTF?

Pierre called Jared Coreau thick. Or I think the kids call it thicc now. I don’t know I’m old and not up with lingo anymore.

Honestly I’ve never minded his random factoids but seriously there’s gotta be a disease out there called “Pierre Mcguirosis” where you just naturally say the most cringeworthy thing imaginable once every 10 minutes or so. I’m not trying to be mean I just have a legitimate curiosity on how he manages to be the most awkward thing to watch since that time when you were little where your parents put in a movie with a sex scene that they forgot about. The Jeremy Roenick decided to just go full Pierre in two interviews.

Live photo of me every time I watch hockey on fucking NBC.

Next Game

Wednesday 10:30 starting a California road trip against the Ducks. I do not miss the late night games when they were in the Western Conference.

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