Game 36 – Detroit @ Ottawa – Swedish Heroes

Congratulations Daniel Alfredsson on a fantastic career. 1246 games played with 1157 points, he was a great player and I thoroughly enjoyed his year in Detroit, not in the least because he lead the team in points (49, actually tied with Kronwall).

The Red Wings needed 2 points here, and they managed to get them, even if it was dicey at times.

The Good

Yet another goal for Anthony Mantha, points in 5 of the last 6 games I think, and once against I can’t seem to figure out why management was ever disappointed in him. Sure he took a bit of time to adjust to the AHL and then broke his leg and had to come back from that, but he’s pretty consistently been a dynamic offensive force everywhere he’s gone and the NHL is no different.

But the real hero was Henrik Zetterberg because the game tying goal doesn’t happen without his crazy good stretch pass to Tatar.

Holy shit, that pass is so good (and the finish too).

Henrik Zetterberg has been the best overall player on this team this year, no contest. The guy is fucking 36 and he is out there putting his body on the line every goddamn shift and he’s actually making it happen despite that fact that he is literally a shadow of the player he once was. Think about it. This Z is barely half as good as he was in his prime and he is still just dominant when he plays, probably the only fucking player that other teams have to try that hard against. The Tatar-Z-Mantha line is a great possession line, probably the only line on our team that works. What I’m saying Ottawa is that our Swede is just as good as your Swede was.

I thought Ericsson, Smith and Ouellet all had good games on defense, Kronwall got it done in OT but otherwise looked a little shaky, and together those 4 helped redeem a very frustrating showing from DDK and to a lesser extent Jensen (I don’t think Jensen is bad but honestly I think Sproul was better. I’d love to provide stats to back that up but I’m still on vacation, only so much work is going into these).

Coreau got to win in front of his 92 year old grandmother who looks like she’s still in her 70s, I mean shit this team is going to kill me well before I’m in my 90s but if I did make it that long no way I would still look that put together.

The Bad


Our road powerplay is 2/50. That’s 4%. FOUR. FUCKING. PERCENT. I thought it was too much to hope that maybe we could get a 2 game streak of powerplays going, and I was fucking right because we couldn’t. Kronwall let like three pucks slip by him out of the offensive zone which always always ALWAYS causes us to lose a good quarter of the powerplay at least to get ourselves regrouped and then we fuck up the god awful zone entry.  I want to know what the worst PP in the history of the NHL was over the course of a season. Because we are approaching the halfway mark way faster than I’m comfortable with without any of the fucking PP problems getting fixed. Ordinarily you’d think there’s a pill you take when your PP doesn’t work THAT’S A BAD JOKE BUT I DON’T CARE. I’m out of shit to say. It was by and far the worst part of this game watching the Wings go 0/5.

Or at least it would have been if not for…


Hey guess who’s back again? It’s Danny DeKeyser and he brought Nick Jensen with him!

I’m sorry, but why is Hoffman being treated like Wayne Fucking Gretzky there? Let’s just put both defensemen on the posts and let him pass it out in front of the net. That way our goalie has a lot of shit in his way and no one is there to attempt the block the shot. This whole game was garbage for DDK actually, both Ottawa goals were caused by turnovers and poor defensive play on his part. Watch here.

I don’t care if he got hooked or whatever on that play, he didn’t get the puck out which is his fucking job. I honestly don’t know what happened to him. DDK was talked about as our future top pairing guy, and now I swear to god he looks like last season Ericsson half the time. And if you didn’t watch last season, that’s fucking awful.

I don’t want to be breaking down plays like this during the WTF. I want to be doing like, outrageous goals or crazy plays or some shit. But this season all I get to show you guys are ridiculously bad defensive plays to lead to our goals getting poked full of holes.

Next Game

New Year’s Day against Toronto, the outdoor game. I generally don’t like outdoor games, but I am excited to watch this just to see the young players at Toronto. Maybe we’ll be seeing exciting rookies like that soon.

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