Lord of the Wings – Week of 12/19

Contributor Zac and I shake off the post revelry to discuss the Wings’ games we actually got to see last week.

* * *

Christian: Alright buddy. Last week kind of sucked again for Wings. Only got 2 games in

Zac: Really? What day is it? And who drank all my egg nog! I swear I had like two gallons of the stuff…

Christian: You’re lucky you aren’t dead

Zac: Not for lack of trying. Can we make the LotW be the NHL scheduling people?

Christian: Because they’re Sauron, literally fucking us over?

Zac: I think it fits the theme. We don’t actually have to make sense as long as we’re clever.

Christian: I think clever might be a stretch for us, especially post Christmas revelry.

Zac: So, anyway, to business. I think there’s a real argument to be made for Mantha. Shoot out shout outs to Nielsen and Vanek. Not to mention Coreau making that final save in his second NHL start. Cuz I would have been too busy shitting literal bricks. Which I’m pretty sure would require stitches and a liquid diet for a few weeks.

Christian: Well even though you just named like everyone, I was thinking Mantha too. He’s leading the team in possession numbers, 2 goals in 2 games. That’ll show management, considering they thought he was a disappointment last season

Zac: I’m more of a grinder when it comes to LotW. If I shoot enough of them at the net one of them is bound to score. Well, a Schwartz-style grinder anyway. I hear Mantha also really showed up by not forcing you to destroy your coffee table.

Christian: A Schwartz style grinder doesn’t actually hit the net. You’d have named like, Sheahan and some retired guy

Zac: Hey, we can shout “grinder” all we want when you miss the net (and it will ALWAYS be HILARIOUS), but there’s always like 30 more SOGs when you’re on the ice. Stats don’t lie. (Should we clarify that this is video game hockey, or should we just let people think you actually know how to hock the puck?)

Christian: I think you just did that. Although I’m sure it’s going to be the same for beer league. Honestly this is frustrating me because even our best players each week are just kind of ehhh except for like one moment. I wish this team could just play to the level I know they’re capable of

Zac: It is hard to justify a discussion of the best player of the week when there’s, like, no discussion. Plus, my keyboard isn’t working very well, what with all the tears dripping in it.

Christian: So, yeah. Anthony Mantha is the goat right now. Maybe next week we’ll have a good discussion. RIP Jimmy

Zac: I don’t know what “the goat” means, but if it’s LotW then yes, I agree. Buffalo tonight. Please be a good game…

Photo MiamiHerald

Congratulations to Anthony Mantha for being Christmastime Lord of the Wings. Mantha had 2 goals in 2 games this past week.


2016-2017 Lord of the Wings

Jimmy Howard – 1

Tomas Tatar – 1

Anthony Mantha – 1

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