Game 34 – Detroit @ Florida – Merry Christmas Reilly Smith

Merry Christmas everyone! My Christmas gift is that I don’t have to feel the crushing despair of watching a losing Wings game on Christmas Eve, and now I just get the crushing despair of credit card bills next month like every other hard working American.

We got 2 points! It was in the shootout, and against a Division rival, so that’s not great, but still I’ll take it!

The Good

Anthony Mantha should not get sent down ever again. If that even crosses Ken Holland’s mind, I want someone hired full time to just slap him ever time he reaches for the phone to do that. He makes so much shit happen for this team, when offense is basically as rare for us as finding oil in your backyard, I am fucking terrified that somebody is going to bump him when they come back from injury (looking at you Abby). I would rather send down Ott, Miller, Jurco, or even fucking Sheahan before we put Mantha back in Grand Rapids.

Merry Christmas Reilly! Have a Kronwalling. A Kronwalling that won’t get him suspended either. I love the shot of him just like drinking gatorade on the bench like “The destruction of my teammate’s brother fills me with thirst.” I’ve been reasonably impressed with Kronwall lately, which is surprising since he has one less knee than the average human. Actually I was pretty impressed with our D in general today, Sproul is bringing a nice offensive upside on the PP and I like Xavier Ouellet more every time I see him. I’m going to keep quiet on Jensen, I haven’t forgiven him for participating in injuring Howie yet.

The Red Wings got damn lucky on that coach’s challenge, I didn’t think the goal should’ve been waved off earlier in the year when I believe it was Glendening was in the crease and Bjugstad didn’t make contact here but the rule is the rule, and Tim Peel got it right (holy shit did I just type that I feel sick).

Finally for the shootout, I like that Blashill started AA (even if he didn’t score) first. Tim Peel got the post to post right (ughhhhhh I feel so sick guys hold me). Vanek’s goal was beautiful, he straight up punked Bobby Lu. And then we got to see Frans Nielsen finally score on the shootout, the best shootout player in the league, and honestly that goal could’ve been called back easily I think (but they allowed it, actual vomiting right now from this much Tim Peel praise). Coreau then stonewalls Bjugstad and good for him. First NHL win, I think he’s going to be a solid backup for Petr in the future, maybe even push for a tandem if he keeps getting better.

The Bad

Guys The Wheelhouse is getting pretty big, and I’ve finally gotten exclusive footage of our Powerplay thanks to our new connections.

Look I don’t want to harp on it too much because the offense managed to at least get shit done today and pick up the win, but come on. It’s getting legendarily bad at this point. I fully expect if this keeps up to be like a recurring joke around the hockey community. It’s going to be up there with like, Leafs 4-1 lead, in terms of jokes about how bad a team can play. Which is ironic because we really like to lose 4-1 I’ve noticed lately. (2.8% though….it’s really bad. Like really fucking bad).

I kind of thought that the first two goals Florida scored were kind of weak but I’m not going to talk shit about Coreau in his second ever NHL game, especially when I thought he did pretty good all things considered. It’s Christmas Coreau. I’m giving you a fucking pass here. Don’t waste it.


Not actually something that happened in the game, but I don’t know where else I’ll talk about it and it definitely made me say WTF when I read it so here we go.

Why did the NHL reschedule the game against Carolina for March 27th? This will give the Red Wings 3 games in a row on the 26th-28th. Not only will it be 3 games in a row, but also they will have 5 games in 7 days as well. What, have you already decided that the Wings will be so far outside of a playoff spot that it won’t even matter if they get fucked by fatigue down the back stretch? No chance that they’ll be pushing for a wild card or something at that point, right? I know Carolina gets hit a bit too but they do not get a fucking tripleheader. To be honest I thought that was against the CBA and the NHL would have had to get approval from the NHLPA but nope, they only have to consult if they cancel a game, not when they reschedule.

Fuck off NHL. If we’re fighting for a playoff spot at the end of March, better prepare yourself for the righteous fury of Wings fans.

Next Game

The next game is Tuesday the 27th against the Buffalo Sabers. Another home game the Red Wings should win. They need to start climbing now, or the already tiny playoff chances are going to completely evaporate.

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