Lord of the Wings – Week of 12/12

Contributor Higgins once again joins me this week to talk Red Wings star of the week.
Christian: Well not even sure why we’re doing this, it’s a pretty obvious selection this week.

Zac: Agreed. It’s obviously me. I mean, I watched two terrible, awful, no good, very bad games. And then I missed one. And they won. Coincidence? I think not. You’re welcome.

Christian: You are never allowed to watch a game again. Which makes you useless to this column. Contract termination paperwork is going to be sent over shortly

Zac: You can’t fire me, I quit! Imagine this is on your desk. (Editor’s Note: Zac uses a poop emoji here because he’s classless and doesn’t know I don’t have a good way to put fucking emojis in this shit.) Anyway, I assume the “obvious” selection is, {cringe}, “Tatar Sauce for your Curly Fries?” (Editor’s Note: At least he understands how to do that part correctly).

Christian: It was bad I admitted it was bad!

Zac: Admitting it doesn’t make it okay!

Christian: I had a good thing for Xavier Ouellet getting the GWG and then Tatar got the hat trick and one upped it. But yeah, it’s gotta be Tatar

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(Editor’s Note AGAIN: Not my imgur, I am not going to the dumpster fire of an Isles sub nor am I calling readers dickholes)

Zac: Well, since we can’t just leave it at that: But what about our entire first period offense on Thursday? That’s a joke, get it? Because our entire offense was Green. And he’s a defenceman. It’s funny, dammit!

Christian: Well I wasn’t going to just leave it as that, I was going to talk about how trash the Wings were in the other two games that we don’t even HAVE a choice. I mean, yeah Mike Green is tied for second on the team in goals (with Nielsen and Tatar) and second in points. He’s playing with so much confidence, he looks like the Mike Green we wanted to sign. Of course, he’s hurt now

Zac: That’s my bad. Michael Shanks alumni don’t fair well with injuries.

Christian: Is he still on your team? No way is he on waivers

Zac: No, but the taint remains.

Christian: Wow he is on waivers. Our league is terrible.

Zac: Everything is terrible. Especially power plays. And apparently shooting at the goal is hard.

Christian: It’ll get better. I hope. I pray. We’ll see

Zac: We shall see.

Photo credit to AP Photos/Paul Sancya

Congratulations to Tomas Tatar for being named The Wheelhouse’s Lord of the Wings for the Week of 12/12 thanks to his fantastic first career hattrick in the game against Anaheim. He finishes the week with 3 goals.

Watch his hattrick goals below:


Lords of the Wings: 

Jimmy Howard – 1

Tomas Tatar – 1

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