Game 31 – LA @ Detroit – I’m Mad Too Mickey

I don’t even know what to say right now. For starters, I turned on the game thinking I was just in time for the game to start, and instead I turn it on right as the Kings score less than 40 seconds in. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the game.

But man, how excited am I going to be to write one of these for a win, right?

The Good




What do you want me to say? The Kid line was fun and I liked it. Glendening almost immediately got bumped to the 4th and that is just damn good (is Blashill one of my 40 readers?) Mike Green’s goal was good.

He has easily been our best player, unless you want to argue that Vanek is our best player in which case I can also agree with that. But how much can I sit here and talk about the good qualities of a single goal in a game as bad as this? I mean I actually think this game was worst than the Arizona game.

The Bad

Oh hey, here’s a good thing that’s actually a bad. We had 2 shots on goal in the first period and both came from Mike fucking Green! But that’s actually bad because it means we only got 2 goddamn shots in the first period. TWO. I don’t…I just….we shot the puck like crazy against Arizona and it didn’t work so I was optimistic that at least the Wings would do something similar tonight. I mean, the team played against Jeff Zatkoff who is below .900 and above 3 GAA going into here and we let him walk out of here with a .944.

You know I could sit here and talk about the bad Power Play. I could talk about the lack of offense. I could talk about the posts or the blocked shots or the terrible passing. The boring ass dump and chase that doesn’t work. I can talk about a lot of things. But at the end of the game, I don’t think this team looks like they are playing with urgency that they need. This is a team that got blown out by the worst team in the NHL on Tuesday and they should have come out like gangbusters. Instead they get kicked in the nuts right out the game and were playing like they were defeated the entire game.

They need to be better across the board (except goaltending, Howard is still playing really well his team just really wants him to not get taken by Vegas in the expansion draft).

The WTF?


Seriously, the Red Wings fucked themselves enough by playing poorly that the refs didn’t need to help with this shit. But the officiating was so bad that even Mickey spit out his ginger ale in order to tear them all a new asshole.

You guys remember I just looked up the shit about the puck crossing goal line net dislodged rule in the GBWTF? against Philly, and I swear to god they could have call so many fucking things and that play against Vanek. He was basically slew footed, Zatty Ice missed the puck and it would have crossed clean if the net had stayed on. But there was no penalty, no penalty shot, barely a fucking review. And if that wasn’t bad enough they missed one of the most blatant holds I’ve ever fucking seen against Sheahan. I wish I had a streamable to show you guys but the Kings player lost his stick and actually wrapped his arm around Sheahan’s arm in a fucking bear hug. It was like he was a kid at open skate who didn’t want to stand up on his own. That play helped directly lead to the 3rd goal by Toffoli.


There was the horseshit of an embellishment call on Vanek near the end. Are you fucking kidding me? A two handed swing at Vanek’s shins knocks his feet out from under him and he falls directly down and you immediately blow for diving? What the fuck? (Oh hey look that’s what this section is nice…) I don’t even know how they think he could have dove like that. The muscles needed to just flip your feet out behind me is just….fuck it’s infuriating. We did not need help to lose tonight, but we sure as fuck got it.

Next Game

Saturday against Anaheim. Close out that home stand. Can we please win a fucking home game? We have the worst record in the league, and it’s fucking Farewell to the Joe.

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