Lord of the Wings – Week of 12/5

This is the first awarding of the Lord of the Wings, the player that I thought had the best week for the Red Wings. Too keep my ego from inflating too much, I’ll be bringing contributors in to help me decide this each week. Of course, I pay the hosting costs, so I guess I get the final say.

Zac: Alright, so, what are your thoughts? Who are you thinking and what’s your terrible and fallacious logic that led you to that conclusion?

Christian: Wow what a great way to start this. I’m honestly tempted to give it to Howard because of how good he was in relieving Mrazek and then in the game against Philly, but I think my choice this week is Vanek.

Zac: Who? Oh. Oh, you mean Vanek! Vanek! Is your choice this week.

Christian: Vanek! At the Disco

Zac: Can’t say I’m surprised, you basically announced to the world your huge man-crush on him in the Columbus GBWTF.

Christian: Yeah I mean he’s just been fantastic. He had a great assist on Larkin’s goal in the loss to Columbus, he had a goal and a shootout goal in the game against Winnipeg. Honestly I think he’s been the best forward all season, apart from Mantha and maybe Zetterberg. The thing about him is it seems like he’s giving energy to the lineup while he’s out there. This team is struggling to score goals but every time he’s on the ice it’s just feels like something is going to happen. Kind of like Larkin first half of last season

Zac: R.I.P. Larkin of the first-half of last season… Hats off…

Zac: Well I have to say, your argument isn’t as terrible as I thought. I think you’re probably right, and we should probably go with VANEK!, but you know who my pick would be. And not just because I have dreams of goalieing. And not just because he’s the only good thing on my abysmal fantasy goalie roster.

Christian: James Russell Howard III?

Zac: James. Russell. Howard. The. Third. He has found his groove.

Christian: Your fantasy roster is pretty bad

Zac: R.I.P. Michael Shanks’ season. Hats off…

Christian: No one’s gonna get that joke, haha. So you think Howard’s play is enough to make up for the fact that he didn’t fully steal a game for us? I mean, he stole that point last night I guess. Maybe that’s me being to harsh. It’s not on him that the offense couldn’t do shit.

Zac: Is carrying 99% of the world on your shoulders really all that different than carrying it all? Your first two stats about him after the Philly game (2nd in SV%, 2nd in GAA) are ridiculously impressive.

Christian: He’s better than Carey Price right now!

Zac: But they are pushed to a whole ‘notha level by that 3rd stat.

Christian: Jimmy Howard is 5-5-1 with the 2nd best stats in the league. That’s just heartbreaking

Zac: That would get in my head. Hard core. And he’s just like “nah, I’ll keep being amazing. You guys do you.”

Christian: You’d think it would affect his game. Or the injury. But he’s just been rock solid all season. Alright I think you’ve convinced me actually. It’s gotta be Jimmy. We can’t punish him because of the rest of the team.

Zac: Imagine what life would be like with him in net and our offense scoring goals. Can we keep track of runners up? Cuz VANEK! has to get some love.

Christian: I wasn’t going to get into runner ups, but I was going to keep a tally of what players have won and how many times. Let’s go ahead and give the first one to Jimmy. I’ve got an article on Vanek coming out soon anyways, so he’ll get some love there.

Zac: Good. Good.

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Congratulations Jimmy Howard for being named The Wheelhouse’s Lord of the Wings for the week of 12/5, thanks to his stellar numbers in net and unshakable determination.

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Lord of the Wings Rankings

1) Jimmy Howard – 1 win

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