Game 27 – Detroit @ Winnipeg – Swedish Backhand of Doom

What a hell of a game to start this series off on.

This was a rollercoaster of emotion if I’ve ever seen, and it’s hard to nail down what even to react to. The first period I was already trying to figure out how to write this thing with all of the shit play that was going on. Thank God they pulled a reverse Red Wings and didn’t blow it in the 3rd.

I’m going to be breaking these recap/reactions down into 3 categories:

The Good

Mrazek was unbelievable this game. All 3 of those goals in the first period were goals that I don’t think he had a chance to stop. Laine’s goal was a double deflection. But the dude was a rock in net, making all kinds of saves that could have easily taken the game the other way for us.

He was strong in the shootout too. Remember when the game went to the shootout and we all used to roll our eyes because we knew that we were going to lose anyways? I’m glad that shit’s over.

Vanek was fantastic with the deflection goal in the 2nd and the goal in the shootout. It’s amazing how terrible our offense is without him to glue it together. God help us if he gets injured again. Larkin and Mantha were both buzzing around and just working their ass off. Double what I said for Vanek. If any of these three get hurt I don’t know what we’ll do. At the same time, I don’t think anyone else can get hurt without the team imploding under cap implications.

After finally getting a chance to see the Danish Backhand of Judgement in the shootout, only for the puck to glance off the bar. Who did we turn to?


He ripped that Swedish Backhand of Doom right in their, and then sounded grumpy about it in the post game interview! Zetterberg doesn’t care that he’s on a hot streak. He just wants to score goals and win hockey games.

Bonus: This kid at the game having the best damn time (credit /u/bmac39 on reddit)

The Bad

Jesus Christ the first period was so bad. It was like watching a train wreck but you know and love people on the train so you can’t tear your eyes away. The Jets actually managed to score before we got a shot on net. If you don’t want to look at the game cap, that was 6:41 INTO THE PERIOD.

Lashoff should totally be playing over Sproul.

This is the biggest problem the Wings have had all season. Hockey games are 60 minutes long. They’re not 40. They’re not 50. They start when the goddamn schedule says they do, not some arbitrary time into the game that everyone decides to get their head out of their ass. If we can’t consistently play a full game then we will not make the playoffs end of discussion.

Our PP continues to be a dumpster fire. I heard Ken Daniels say that we are 0-27 (I guess 0-29 now?) on the road. I thought we fired Patty F from the PP? What is wrong with this team? The zone entry dump and chase that has failed to work all season continue to fail to work. But you know that old saying: “If it’s broke, don’t fix it”.

I am also getting worried about how many games are going to OT/Shootout, because we are just throwing more points out there than we need to be. I’ll be curious to see if pity points earned against the Red Wings end up biting us in the ass near the end of the season.

The WTF?

Why did Larkin start this game on the 4th Line? I understand the same thing happened last game, and we won that one, so shit maybe we get to look forward to our best forwards starting on the 4th line now? Except after the first blew up in our face Blashill moved him up and we got to see Mantha on the 4th line.

I saw some points on twitter from WiiM that they think we must have players that are hurt enough to need reduced line time, but we can’t come out and say it. That’s an uncomfortable possibility. If the Wings do have even more minor injuries, they just can’t afford to scratch those players right now. I’m not even sure what the cap implications for that would be, if the Wings even could do anything.

I just worry that we’re going to see another injury out there because of someone playing through the pain.

Next game: Friday against Columbus. Ordinarily that would make me hopeful for two points, but CBJ is on a roll right now, and I can’t be confident about this team doing anything at this point.

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