Author: Christian Schwartz

Game 72 – Detroit Red Wings @ Colorado Avalanche – MacKinn-Oh-no

Nathan MacKinnon is unbelievable this season. That’s all I’m gonna say on that.

The Good

So I’ve been out a few games, here’s some things I’ve thought have been good in the past couples games:

  • Nyquist has been hitting the net more, which is always good. Personally, I’d have rather traded him than Tatar, but it’s good to see he can still do what we pay him to do. He’s looked a lot better.
  • Tyler Bertuzzi is a much better playmaker than I expected him to be. Even if they are not leading to goals, he is making really strong heads up passes that lead to chances almost every time. He threads the needle really well. I like him a lot more than I thought I would.
  • Zetterberg is ageless and looks so strong on the puck even at 37.

This afternoon, we did have some strong forecheck I won’t deny that. We had a lot of good scoring chances, just not many actual goals. Which, is kind of like giving a participation ribbon to the team but I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do. Defense doesn’t look good. Offense can’t bury it. Goaltending has been shaky across the board. Coreau actually seemed a lot better today, but still let in 4 goals, so take that with an entire mine’s worth of salt.

Abdelkader scored the lone Wing’s goal and it was actually pretty good. He gets the puck in close on Varlamov and manages to wait the goalie out until he’s got a wide open net to fling it in. That’s a smart move, especially when it seems like this team is mostly hacking at anything near the net instead of actually picking shots.

The Bad

Why can’t this team score? There are talented players on this team. But 1 goal on almost 40 shots is just not acceptable. We can’t stop a puck a right now in our end and everything in the other end goes into the goalie’s pads. We’ve now lost 10 in a row. That’s astonishingly bad. Our line combinations don’t make sense. Coreau is not an NHL caliber goalie clearly, not even a backup. Folks, there’s only so much I can say that hasn’t been said already. We’ve got 10 games left. Enjoy the fact that we’re increasingly our lottery odds, and just watch the highlights. There’s no reason to subject yourself to watching the team when it’s performing like this.


If you didn’t see, this sequence began off of a play where the Wings absolutely dominated the Avs in their own zone for almost a minute straight, then just three failed blocks leads to Nathan MacKinnon streaking into the zone. Jensen did a good job to force him wide but Coreau it harder than the Cookie Monster at a Mrs. Field’s shop, leaving the net wide open for the wraparound. The kicker of course being that MacKinnon didn’t actually make the wraparound without it deflecting off of Ericsson’s stick blade.

What we have here in the Red Wings in a microcosm. Futile struggling before we shoot ourselves in the foot and then the other team comes in for the kill.


Game 68 – Detroit Red Wings @ Columbus Blue Jackets – I’m Bluer than a Jacket


The Good

Hahahahaha the only time we score even our Twitter calls it cleaning up “garbage”.

Props to Helm for burying it, the way our luck has been I half expected that puck to bounce off the post and go down ice for a goal against.

AA scored on a 2 on 1 where we actually shot the ding dang puck, I assume surprising BOBROVSKY because they review game tape and should have known that we don’t shoot on the 2 on 1, like ever. Once again AA also proves to be one of three players on this team to actually do something.

Pretty much nothing else stood out to me. That’s not true. They looked like they gave a shit in the last minute. And after talking with Brad I do admit that Coreau had some real nice saves tonight and that this game probably should have been worse. That’s not really a good bar to set though.

The Bad

The Red Wings seemed to be playing a different game than hockey. The point of their game was to see how many odd man rushes you can give up, not how many goals you can score.


Do I need to break things down? Really, at game 68, do I need to explain where our problems are? Our defensive positioning is bad, we give up bad rushes often, our offense is anemic at best and doesn’t manage to get much done when we even shoot the puck in the first place. Our coach utterly fails in terms of line combinations and ice time rollout. Explain to me why Witkowski played more time at forward than Svechnikov or Frk. In what world does that make sense?

I’m so tired. It’s a testament to how much I love hockey and this team that I have bent and not broken.


Find someone who loves you the way Jared Coreau loves his post.

Two games in a row allowing shorthanded goals. That’s not what you want. Also, this is why I was advocating to bring up Jared Coreau. He had a lot of issues last season but people were pretty high on him for some reason. I had a huge problem with his post to post movement and I had hoped that he would fix it in Grand Rapids but it’s looked like ass the past two games. At least he made some good saves tonight but this goal he did not look good on. Then again, no one on this team looks good.

Game 67 – Vegas Golden Knights @ Detroit Red Wings – Burn it down

I am so fed up with this team.

The Good

If Dylan Larkin wasn’t playing on this team I’d probably take a flyer on the rest of the season. Go watch the Golden Knights and cheer for them. Maybe I could call the blog The Castle or some shit. Because the Red Wings barely even put in the effort tonight to merit mentioning any of them in the good section. Larkin plays his lights out every night through sheer effort. He looks like he’s working harder than anyone else on the ice, night in and night out. If a different player is named our captain when Zetterberg retires we need to riot.

I am glad Svechnikov got brought up. He had a few good chances up close against Fleury. At least he looked like he was trying a little bit.

The Bad

Well it didn’t start well, did it?

I don’t know who to be mad at. Defense? They technically had the pass. Howard? His angle looked good. Either way, it was a bad goal to give up that early and it set the tone for the rest of the game. Then Eakin scored his short handed goal and it all went to shit. Eakin and Tuch each scored again before the end of the 2nd period, and on all of them we looked like we were watching the play. That’s my job, guys. You play the hockey, I watch it. If you’re not playing the hockey then I gotta come down there and do it and NO ONE WANTS THAT.

They played with a bit more fire in the 3rd but by then it was far too late. You can’t decide to give a shit over 75% of the way through the game. That’s not how this works.



So a terrible Mantha turnover happens, whatever. It’s a Red Wings powerplay I automatically assume everything that happens in the offensive zone is going to be garbage. But Mike Green just leisurely goes to take his line change with no awareness, leaving a puck wide open for Eakin to take a nice long breakaway look that Howard probably should have gotten at least a piece of. So in one play we have a fuck up from each level of the Red Wings: forward, defense, and goalie. AND IT WAS WHEN WE WERE ON THE POWERPLAY.